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Happy Friday, friends! Apologies for all the crickets around here as of late, but things have been extra busy... and they're about to get way busier. My love is on his final stretch of his masters (go, Martin!) and my photography biz has me booked out solid until mid July. What?! But fret not, you can keep up with my daily shenanigans via Snapchat (if you're so inclined) username: girlandcloset. Anywho, today, I'm excitedly teaming up with Daniel Wellington, who's kindly offering all G&C readers 15% off when you use promo code: GIRLANDCLOSET at checkout. I chose their Classy Glasgow in rose gold, and absolutely love the preppy & classic aesthetic it adds to my spring & summer outfits. Plus, the quality is truly superb and something I'm only used to seeing in more high end price points. Nab yours today! xo

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Ways To Wear A Utility Jacket

Hello, friends! Excited to be diving in and styling my spring capsule today! One of my favourite items is definitley my utility jacket, whether I'm wearing it with denim shorts, white jeans or a black midi dress... it's always effortless & chic. Also, I recently spotted a gorgeous variation on J.Crew's site and hope to re-create it soon. The model wore hers with statement earrings, a simple black top and a cream pleated midi and it was pretty much the awesomest thing, ever!

Other than that, it's my loves b-day this weekend, so we'll be out with friends & then brunch with Martin's parents on Monday. Can't wait! It's a yearly tradition and one I look forward to all year long! Also, many of you asked about my eye, thank you! I recently scratched it, which caused a blood vessel to burst (while not dangerous, it was gross) and as a result my left eye has these grey floaters in my field of vision. While it may fade, only time will tell. If you're so inclined? Do send some positive vibes my way!

Well, tomorrow is Fri-yay and I'm pretty stocked. As per usual we've had one too many things on the go, and I can't wait to kick back and soak up all the relaxing vibes + enjoy long weekend. What's everyone up to?! xo

Outfit Details:

Utility Jacket (similar)
Banana Republic Top (on sale)
Skinny Jeans (similar)
Banana Republic Tote
Heels (similar)

Spring Capsule 2016

As promised, I'm back & sharing my spring "closet keepers" with you! I still hope to add 5-8 pieces: like an updated neutral midi skirt, a madewell maxi dress, tops/blouses and shoes. I desperately need more shoes! Unlike a traditional capsule, I won't be swearing off shopping or following any steadfast rules. Rather, it's my hope to create a more mindful wardrobe, identify needs, keep a list, and shop with strategy & take my time. Basically, I'd like to make this as pressure free as possible!

The one thing that definitley didn't work for my previous capsules was only shopping during an "allotted window"... basically the theory is you choose x amount of pieces for each season and then shop for the next season, in the last two weeks of your current capsule. However, that's always felt really stressful and like a whole lot of pressure to find "things" I love in a pinch! With that said, here's how I'm approaching my spring capsule for 2016!

Clean & Purge: I pulled everything out of my closet, tried it on and then made three piles: giveaway, keep, need to hem or update with a "key" item. For this particular capsule, I also didn't pick a number, but rather made a conscious decision to only keep items that felt very me, plus worked for my lifestyle!

Re-imagine: This one was sooo eye opening and fun! I've had skirts I haven't worn in years because I thought they weren't my style anymore. However, once I started to re-imagine my floral midi skirt paired with a designer shell, or gorgeous pump... I quickly realized it was an absolute keeper!

Keep A List: Whether it's a Pinterest board, or a note on your iphone. I highly recommend it! It keeps your closet needs organized, and helps you steer clear of rushed, or last minute shopping.

Shop With Strategy: For me, strategy means versatility. So instead of reaching for "that blouse"... (you know, the one that goes with nothing in your closet?) I'll be focusing on pieces I know will work with my entire capsule!

Less Is More: My motto is... I'd rather have one gorgeous pair of J.Crew heels or flats, rather than five cheap/poorly constructed ones. With that said, I'm excited to forge ahead with a "less is more" attitude and create a closet I love. Wish me luck!

PS - If you'd like to know where a particular item of clothing is from? Let me know in the comments section and I'll be sure to answer! xo

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