Vintage Inspired Florals & Adventure...

Jan 31, 2011


Hello! Hope everyone is having a great start to their week. Hubs and I had an absolutely delightful time photographing this adorable outfit. In no particular order: A) It was freakin' warm enough to wear this outfit, B) I got to hang with my hubby, C) We explored an old train station, and drum-roll please... D) Knowing I could share it with you guys ...aaw!

I just bought these fantastic booties at Joe Fresh for $19, and this adorable dress & belt from ModCloth; all in an effort to bring more fun and whimsy into my wardrobe. I have been working in an office for the past three years as a “Corporate Administrative Manager,” and this past year I have been working from home. Are you yawning yet? Don’t worry. You are not alone! Because so is my closet.

However, I am happy to say that this ends here! I have been craving to get back to my fashion roots, shake things up, and live life with a greater sense of adventure. For me, that means? Adding bits to my wardrobe that inspire fun and whimsy. So, dear readers, when you get dressed this week, remember to add a FUN & unexpected element to your already fabulous outfit; it's certainly my mission this week. Yay! Wishing you all a fashionable & fun-filled week. xx veronika
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Tricking Your Closet ...Into Thinking It’s Summer

Jan 27, 2011


I did it! I convinced my closet that it was indeed summer. OK. Granted it wasn’t easy at first, Mr. Winter jacket was totally skeptical... but I SO pulled it off. DISCLAIMER: PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS PARTICULAR BLOGGER DOES NOT ACTUALLY TALK TO HER CLOSET, UNLESS UNDER EXTREME DRESSING PRESSURE.

I was so excited to wear something, that, well, didn’t involve a heavy coat. Did I move to a warmer climate, you ask? Nope. I decided to crank the heat, light the fireplace, and invite the gals over to my place. Yay! Finally, complete dressing freedom. I settled on my beloved summer dress ...which I thought looked lovely with a sheer white tee layered underneath, along with my statement necklace, and no shoes! Because who wears shoes in the summer, right? Happy Thursday everyone. xx veronika
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Lovey Dovey Sunday

Jan 24, 2011


I was just reading somewhere that fashion bloggers all seem to have the same poses. Interesting? Apparently common poses are: looking to the side, looking down, and feet pointing inwards. Gulp! Um. Guilty, and guilty! Yes officer, I am guilty on all counts of “predictable blogger posing!” Ok. Obviously I will need to learn some new moves. Or maybe predictable is nice? I say we blame the hubs for my poses. He clicks while I pose. So obviously in this case I am innocent. Phew!

As for the weekend? It was a great one! Hubs and I ate some super yummy sashimi, walked our four-legged child (aka pooch), and did some SHOPPING! I found some great bits at Joe Fresh ...suede tassled booties (love them); rest assured that I will be remixing those to death! And I bought a gazillion (only slight exaggeration) of coloured tights for $5.00 a pair -sweet, sweetness! Which brings me to my second favourite four letter word (no not that one)... SALE of course! WARNING: the word "sale" may cause husbands/boyfriends to act unpredictably. Symptoms may include: excessive kisses, cleaning the kitchen, long foot massages, and doing your laundry. Happy Monday everyone! xx veronika
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Dear, Dear, Dress

Jan 21, 2011


I LOVE THIS DRESS! I have re-mixed this dress so many times and in so many ways that I have actually tricked the hubs into thinking that I am buying way too many “white lace dresses.” He has hinted at having our friends over for a white dress intervention. Huh! ...sounds kinda fun, can I wear my white dress?

For real though! Re-mixing has become a new way of life for me. Especially since I went on a closet blitz yesterday (pictures to come, once I feel brave) and re-worked my closet. I have also given away most of my clothes. However, that's the secret to a working closet, no? It's about working with what your "mama" gave you, or in this case ...your "credit card." Closet tip #1 from Girl and Closet: learn to re-mix the c-r-a-p out of your wardrobe.

And in other fashion related news, I am on the hunt for some fabulous aqua tights to be paired with, yup, “the dress,” and my dark grey wool trench coat -voila, I have done it again! Happy Fabulous Friday everyone. xx veronika
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It's me "Featured" on Weardrobe!

Jan 19, 2011

{direct link here: weardrobe}

I was just sipping my mint tea and humming along to my fave "she and him" song, getting ready to update my profile on weardrobe ...and BAM! There I was on the front page. I hate to admit it (don't want you guys to think I am a dork) but I got so excited. So naturally, I had to update you via "Girl And Closet." A big thank you to weardrobe for featuring my "weekend look" and blog. It's truly so exciting!

Ha ha, now the world KNOWS that I like to steal my husband's clothes. FYI - I am wearing his jacket!
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Husband Closet Raid

Jan 17, 2011


Hope it was a lovely weekend for all; mine involved:

hugs from hubs
me swallowing a fruit fly
feeling thankful
eating pizza 
walking home in a rain monsoon while wearing stilettos
entertaining my husband with my whiny sarcasm
more hugs from hubs
and feeling thankful!

Weekend bliss? My bliss involves outfits that are fun and comfy. I was delighted to find this fantastic coat in my hub's closet (aka closet raid)! I was inspired by Annabel from Blushing Ambition - she wore a Gap men's parka and I loved it! I am not sure why I didn’t think of stealing from my husband’s closet earlier. I mean I already steal his toast in the morning and freely grab money from his wallet. Um, stealing his clothes? BRILLIANT!

Also a big, big thank you to all of the lovely fashion bloggers who have commented, subscribed, and are following me on twitter. Thank you for making me feel so welcome; you gals are the best!
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Here Comes The Rain

Jan 14, 2011


Confession time? I am supposed to be working but somehow I have ended up signing into my blogger account and am chatting about fashion. Maybe I can blame this one on my fashion doppelganger? Yup, she is my evil twin and spends all of her time photographing outfits and posting them. Me? Oh no, I have been sitting and working at my desk all day. OK! I feel so much better now that we have cleared that up. 

I was also thinking about how I am really excited to start promoting my little blog and get me some followers. Because right now it's just me technically I am talking to myself. And for some reason, I don't feel right about pushing my blog on my friends and family. Can you guys relate? If you have any sage advice about promoting a fashion blog ...pour some of that love my way. 

Ok. Back to the good stuff. Don't you just love cute rain boots? I am so happy to have a picture of this outfit. I will be going out in the rain momentarily and this seems like the perfect thing to wear. I will then be meeting my hubs + friends for dinner, so I will be following my own advice and adding my "above mentioned" evening touches. 

Wishing you all a TGIFFF. It's my new acronym: "Thank God It's Fun Fashionable Friday." Oh and be sure to introduce yourself too.
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Date Night Outfit

Jan 13, 2011


Hubs and I go out every Thursday for date night. I love it! For these reasons, listed in no specific order... A) I don't have to cook, B) I wear something cute, C) I take a break from eating healthy, D) Hubby tells me cute & mushy things. You guys want to hear something crazy? Hubby and I have been together for 13 years - wow! And the best part is, I still love this crazy, quirky, and (may I add) sexy man. He is my best friend, loves talking fashion, and adores me. He's even learning photography so that he can take some pictures for my blog ...aww!

As for the outfit? Ok. I didn't actually wear it for date night. I wore it on the weekend. It was one of those great outfits, where everything just came together effortlessly. I wish all days could be like that. I have added this gem of an outfit to my "to be worn for date night" folder. Phew. See, I am not a total liar.
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Gulp, First Post By Silly Face


Ok. I have done it. I have created a blogger account and started a blog. It's riveting, isn't it (insert winky face here). Although this blog may be new, I am not a new blogger. I also moonlight at Birch + Blossom, which is a fabulous fashion and design blog. I love it over there but I wanted a place, or er, blog, where I could post ONLY my daily looks. I have been following so many fantastic style bloggers and I am truly inspired by all of the amazingly talented ladies out there. And therefore, I have decided to jump on board! I will post the good, the bad, and the real! Because as much as I want you all to think that my life is about couture gowns and having tea with the queen, IT'S NOT! I am a real girl, work from home, walk my dog, and cook yummy food with the hubs. And like every other girl out there, I sometimes HATE my closet. There, I've said it. Welcome to Girl and Closet! xx veronika
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