Thrifted Polka Dots & A Guest Post

Mar 30, 2011


Hello, lovely readers! Hope everyone is having a great week so far. As for today's outfit post? It's a quick one. I'm actually over at "Sparkling Footsteps," and SO thrilled to be guest blogging for Lynzy today. Be sure to pop by and introduce yourselves. Lynz is ultra fabulous & an absolute sweetheart. I adore her!

As for today's dress? I'm (excitedly) wearing my newly acquired bestie, which I bought on my last thrifting expedition for a whopping $5. Seriously, this is music to my ears! Also, I will be announcing the giveaway winner this Friday, April 1st, so be sure to check back. Happy Wednesday, my fab & fashionable lovelies. xx veronika
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Birthdays & Pretty Party Dresses

Mar 28, 2011


I’ve been on a down-time binge this week, but alas, all good things must end. I had to forego the top knot & comfy clothes, and get dressed for my girlfriend’s birthday party. Happy Birthday, Tracey! However, this is a good thing because my closet has been giving me the evil eye all week. But “closet's” mood did improve dramatically, once I pulled out this little number -thank goodness!

I happily wore my new ModCloth dress over the weekend and I'm absolutely smitten with this silhouette. I decided to pair it with my skinny vintage belt, which is a nice change from my usual wide go-to belt. And I’m love, loving dresses lately; they are easy to re-mix and appropriate for all seasons -it’s a definite win-win in my fashion books! I'm also still enjoying "tights weather" in my hemisphere, and decided to wear my purple ones, to shake it up.

I also attended my first blogger meet-up this past weekend. Yay! I met some pretty terrific gals; we gabbed blogs and life. And of course I took pictures, which I can’t wait to share with you guys. xx veronika
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Golden, Golden, Sunshine!

Mar 24, 2011


I had many, many high hopes for myself. Hubs was at an acting workshop for a few days and I had a list of practical & responsible things, which I was hoping to do. Here's how it went down:

High Hopes
Healthy breakfast, go for a jog with my pooch, wear cute clothes, clean the house!

Slept in, ate cold pizza, watched re-runs of Sex & The City, wore PJ’s all day, made a "mental note" to clean the house -tomorrow!

And I would like to state that I didn't feel guilty, but rather re-charged & happy that I gave myself permission to do a whole lot of blissful nothingness! Prior to hubs' workshop, we went out for a lovely dinner and took these outfit photos. I was thrilled to find this charming location; it backs on to a forest & train tracks and it's safe to say I'll be back for many more outfit pictures. I was also thrilled to wear my new ModCloth skirt, and enjoy some gorgeous, gorgeous sunshine. Hope you guys are enjoying spring and feeling inspired for lots of pretty outfits. xx veronika
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It's a Giveaway, From Me to You!

Mar 21, 2011

Enter to win:
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2) Leave a comment letting me know that you've entered

Giveaway is open from now until March 31, 2011, and open to Canadian, American, & European readers!

It's the first official "Girl and Closet" giveaway and I couldn't be more excited! I picked up this adorable pin on Etsy, made by "much love illy" because I wanted to say I "heart" you guys! I truly appreciate all of your amazing support, rockin' comments, and wonderful bloggy friendships -so THANK YOU! OK, fingers crossed and I will be announcing the winner on April 1, 2011 -be sure to check back to see if you've won! xx veronika

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Miso Soup & A Day Of Thrifting...

Mar 17, 2011


Just as my tittle suggests... I had yummy Japanese food, went thrift shopping, and Mr. Hubs joined me for a day of fun. I bought the cutest things, and it’s safe to say, I scored BIG! I ran out of there like a giddy teenager, and spent the next hour rattling off numerous outfit combinations to the hubs. Side note for Mr. Hubs: thank you for listening to my outfit ideas, for smiling, and for nodding with engaged zeal -you rock!

I would also like to state the obvious and say that I wore this outfit when I went thrift shopping, and I really like how it turned out -it’s my “girly & romantic” denim look. I also tried something new with my hair and liked that too. Yup, I was on a roll. OK you guys, I can’t wait to share my new thrifted besties with y’all. I have laundered, serenaded and bonded with them, and my dog has already slept on them. Welcome home new clothes! xx veronika 
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Cheery Colour & A Sleep Coma

Mar 14, 2011


My hubs asked me out on a late lunch date! Aww, so sweet, except that I hadn’t slept most of the night and I was feeling a little loopy. Thankfully, two mini miracles occurred: 1) I got dressed 2) I managed to stay awake at the restaurant ...and that’s all I remember, presumably because I must have slipped into a sleep coma -oops, sorry hubs.

Prior to my sleep deprivation, I picked up these chunky heels at H&M after realizing that I own way too many flats. And I bought this ModCloth dress, which I’m hoping to pair with bright red tights -so fun! Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend and managed to stay awake for it! xx veronika

PS  I would also like to say that I am deeply saddened by the events in Japan, and my prayers are with those that have been affected by this devastating earthquake.
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Vintage Syle Dresses & Yummy Sandwiches

Mar 9, 2011


Firstly, I am guest blogging over here today at "My Best Friend Jules," because word has gotten out that I like to babble fashion, guilty, so be sure to check out my interview and post. And a BIG thank you to the lovely Mervi & Helena for being such rockin' ladies, and for inviting me to hang out on their blog to chat with their awesome readers.

Secondly, you guys gave me such great feedback on my last round of “at home” pictures, that I decided to do it again! And you know what? I really like it; no distracting backgrounds to deal with and I have complete privacy. Other highlights of shooting from home include? Sitting in a chair, making an awesome sandwich, petting the pooch, and doing my laundry ...sweet sweetness, people! As for today’s outfit? One word: “Hey, how come I’ve never thought of this combo before?” ...OK, that's actually ten. I told you guys, I like to babble! xx veronika

PS  - I am ALSO blogging over here today, "Meet Virginia Design" be sure to stop by and say HI! Happy fabulous Friday you guys! 
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Tassels, Booties & Feeling Playful

Mar 3, 2011


I have been feeling mighty creative this week. How is that, you ask? Exhibit A) It snowed. I solved this weather dilemma by shooting in our parking lot. B) Hubs wanted to do something different for date night. Ta-da, we took pictures in our underground parking lot. Side note: "Sorry hubs, obviously not what you had in mind."

And speaking of creative, I bring you my creative & spontaneous date-night outfit. Spontaneous dressing is not my usual mode of operation because I always seem to know what I am going to wear. Although, sometimes I put on my pre-planned outfit 20 minutes before the party and it doesn’t work... but that's a whole other conundrum. OK, back to the outfit. So I headed into the bedroom with my new devil-may-care attitude intact and started freely grabbing items from the closet, and I emerged in this. Hubs said I looked cool & hip; I felt comfy & happy. We celebrated with pizza. Yay! xx veronika
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