May Lust List & A Giveaway Winner... Hip, Hip, Hooray!!

Apr 30, 2011

Some people go out on a Friday night. Me? Oh no, I like to stay home and window shop on the internet and make "lust lists" to share with you guys... of course!

Firstly, I will state the obvious and mention that I’m loving anything floral this spring. I’m equally smitten by that gorgeous lace lined cardy. So perfect! And I can’t wait to buy a pair of blowfish wedges after hearing from several bloggers that they are amazingly comfortable. Win!

OK, time to bang some pots and pans together. The “modcloth necklace” giveaway winner is... #100, Nura! Congrats hun, send me an email to receive your adorable new necklace! xx veronika

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Sequin Tank & Coral Hues... Yay For Spring!

Apr 28, 2011


Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week. As for mine? I enjoyed a fabulously warm spring day (one of our firsts), and it was pretty amazing. I was smitten by the beautiful cherry blossoms and the warm ocean breeze. I was more than happy to leave the tights at home and bust out the florals. Yay!

Mixing these two patterns together was a first for me. I actually got the idea from the lovely Tieka of Selective Potential. I was surprised that I had never thought of it before, because I absolutely loved the look. If you haven't tried these two patterns together, please do... you will adore it and it's a guaranteed mood enhancer.

And in other news? I went to my second blogger meet up, which was such a blast. I love hanging out with those girls. I miss them already. If you are a Vancouver blogger and interested in meeting up with us, then email me, K? I'll be sure to post pictures from the meet up... oh so soon!!
Happy almost Friday everyone! xx veronika  

 Broken any fashion rules, lately? Be sure to check out Elaine's challenge & join in on the fun!!
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Sunshine, Wedges... And A Day Off!

Apr 25, 2011


Hello friends! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I spent mine enjoying some fabulous sunshine and spring weather. Finally! I also may have eaten one too many Easter chocolates -oops. And I forgot to do an outfit post late last week. I would like to blame that on my sugar coma.

I have also come to the conclusion that great weather and fashion blogging are SO much fun. Anyone else with me? I adore exploring places with my hubs, and getting some pictures -of course! We usually end up eating lunch on a fantastic outdoor patio or strolling down to the beach. I'm certain that rain, ducking under bridges and watching my hair frizz out, are less than palatable. Hehe, life!

As for the outfit? Oh my goodness, well being that it was my day off, I went super simple. But I gave my normal “jeans look” some added fun with red lipstick and some super cute wedges. Highlight of the day? Wiggling my sock-free toes in the sun! Happy Monday, my lovelies. xx veronika

PS -Did anyone else eat way too many Easter chocolates? Sugar confessions are on the house today!
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City Dates & Girlfriends... And Vancouver Fashion Week!

Apr 20, 2011

Heading to Vancouver Fashion Week, and I'm all smiles!
We had just arrived, and there was so much excitement in the air ...or was it my glass of wine?
Our first show of the evening was Autobiographie from Paris, and (oops) turns out it was standing room only. Most of the seating was on a first come, first serve basis, or it was reserved for buyers and editors. But I happily stood near the back and snapped pictures. I had a blast regardless! The collection had several pieces that I loved. I was smitten by the designer's use of metallics, diverse colours, attention to detail, and gorgeous textures.
Next up? Dawn Sharp from Los Angeles, and a personal favourite of mine! I managed to sneak (shhh) into the front row for this one. I was hellbent on getting some great pictures for you guys!! I absolutely loved, loved the pieces from Dawn Sharp's collection... the fabrics were rich & sensual, the dresses were vintage inspired and very wearable. I especially adored her silky gowns, which featured gorgeous velvet trimmings. Beautiful!

And thank you so much for your sweet tweets about Vancouver Fashion Week, you guys! I will definitely be attending the next round of shows for spring, and I will know to show up early so that I can nab a great seat! Hope your having a fab Wednesday, my lovelies. xx veronika

PS -I also did a recent guest post on "XOXO, Nina." The lovely & sweet Nina interviewed me about the "how to's" of blogging, and I even share some of my photography tips too. Be sure to check it out!
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Weekend Strolls & Gingham Dresses...

Apr 18, 2011


Hello, lovely readers. Hope you guys had a great weekend! Mine was pretty busy and action packed, which is not my usual pace. My normal weekend itinerary involves pretending to be awake while hubs and I watch a movie... for real! But I found myself at Vancouver Fashion Week on Saturday, followed by dinner & cocktails with a few of my besties. I'm so thrilled that I went; we had such a fantastic time!! I'll be posting pictures later this week so stay tuned.

My other accomplishments included? Getting dressed! Hubs and I went for a stroll and I decided to break out my new retro inspired dress. I’m smitten by the gingham print and adorable button detail on the collar; it’s so perfect for spring. I found the dress a wee bit short but nothing a cute pair of tights can't fix!! And in other gingham news? I'm also lusting after a pair of [yup, you guessed it] gingham shorts!! Let the hunt begin... xx veronika
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CLOSED: A Giveaway... From Me To You, ModCloth Necklace!

Apr 16, 2011

Enter to win:
1) Follow "Girl and Closet" via Google Connect or Bloglovin
2) Leave a comment letting me know that you've entered

Giveaway is open from now until April 30, 2011, and open to Canadian, American, & European readers!

I'm thrilled to be doing another "Girl & Closet" giveaway for the month of April. Wow, can you believe we are already well into April? Eeek!

I'm smitten with this ModCloth necklace and I was so excited to grab it for you guys! So cute, right? I love doing these giveaways. It's my way of saying thank you for your continued blog support & awesome bloggy friendships. On that note, my fingers are crossed and I'll be announcing the winner on May 1, 2011 -be sure to check back to see if you've won! xx veronika
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A Dress, A Sale, And French Fries...

Apr 14, 2011


I (as you might remember) went shopping; who doesn't love a little retail therapy? I bought a dress, ate french fries, and experienced total shopping exuberance! A good day for me, means finding a great dress on sale, and that's exactly what happened! I bought this dress at Dynamite for a whopping $19. I think I might have squealed a little when I grabbed it off the sale rack. I know, I'm a total dork!

I wore this outfit the other day, when hubs and I headed out for an early dinner. It’s still a wee bit chilly in Vancouver, so I actually wore my flirty black leather jacket, but I happily braved the cold for you guys. And as for the styling? Well, I was going for fun & sassy, so enter: sparrow belt, textured tights, and strappy heels.

Happy almost Friday, guys! I'm thrilled that the weekend is just around the corner. I’ll be at Vancouver Fashion Week on Saturday -can’t wait! xx veronika

Broken any fashion rules, lately? Be sure to check out Elaine's challenge & join in on the fun!!
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Vintage Glasses & Ruby Red Lips...

Apr 11, 2011


Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent a part of mine working from home -that’s my kind of pace! And judging by the first picture, I’ve also taken up smiling at invisible co-workers (hehe). In case you're wondering what I do? I work as a freelance photographer, and yup, you guessed it, I did indeed take these photos!

As for my outfit? I decided to re-style my beloved ModCloth top. I’m so smitten with the creamy colours, slight sheerness, and the ruffles. I paired it with my vintage inspired glasses, deep red lips & ballet slippers, as to play up a more feminine aesthetic. I love how the outfit came together, and the simplicity of it! I’ve also been leaning more towards skinny belts this season and I’m off to purchase a few more today -yay! Hope everyone is having a happy & smooth Monday. xx veronika

PS -
I'm so excited to be announcing another giveaway at the end of this week. I seriously love picking stuff out for you guys!
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Lovely Afternoons & A Train Station

Apr 7, 2011


I was thrilled to go out for a late lunch because it meant: 1) Food 2) Getting dressed 3) Wearing my newly thrifted top. Need I say more? I picked up this adorable top on a recent thrifting expedition and it was love at first sight. I immediately fell in love with the ruffles, black buttons, and the price -$4 ...just too good to leave behind.

Hubs (Martin, in case your wondering) and I headed down to this adorable train museum (by our our house) to take some pre-lunch outfit pictures. I was so thrilled it wasn’t raining but it was still really cold. I could have handled a few layers of tights -no joke!

And a big unanimous "Yay!" you guys, because tomorrow is Friday. I’m off to do some much needed shopping. I’ve been eyeing some items at H&M, cardigans are also on the list, and so is the food fair. Yummy fries, here I come. Happy almost weekend everyone! xx veronika
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Vancouver Blogger Meet-up & An Outfit Post...

Apr 4, 2011


Hey guys! So, I just went to my first blogger meet-up last weekend.  Yay, what a super fun day! I met up with Lynn of "Hearted Girl," Cee of "Coco & Vera," and Alexandra of "To Vogue Or Bust." I met the girls on a lovely Sunday afternoon at Central Bistro, where we enjoyed wine and loads of bloggy chats. It’s safe to say that we got along famously, because we stayed for about 4.5 hours. I was so impressed by how down to earth and talented these gals were -and how stylish they looked!

I was equally enamored by the lovely bistro. It was warm & charming, featured over-sized chandeliers, dark beams, and large windows. Ahhh, a truly perfect afternoon!

As for the outfit? I wore my usual Sunday uniform: a mix of  something thrifted (jacket), and ModCloth goodness (bow tie tank). I'm thrilled with how the pictures turned out. After we wrapped up at the bistro, we headed down to the beach and enjoyed some gorgeous pre-sunset light. Taking pictures was a blast; a more snap-happy group of girls you have yet to see. I officially adore these ladies -can’t wait to do it again! xx veronika

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April's Lust List & A Giveaway Winner!

Apr 1, 2011

Hey guys, hope you're having a wonderful Friday. I'm excited to share a new "Girl & Closet" feature with everyone, my monthly lust list ...won't you help me drool?  I'm absolutely smitten with these lovely items and hope they find their way to my closet. ASAP! Seriously, how adorable is that dress from ModCloth?

Okay, drum roll please, the "much love illy" giveaway winner is... #28, Naomi! Yay, congrats hun, please send me an email to receive your beautiful new pin! xx veronika

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