Shopping My Closet & Other Ah-Ha Moments...

Jun 28, 2011


Hello friends! Hope your week is starting off smashingly!! I was supposed to post this yesterday and then life happened. It’s been all work lately (sheesh) but I’m hoping to sneak off this week and enjoy a mini vacation with the hubs. I long to be computer and iPhone free -ahhh, music to my ears!

And I'm still going strong with my new fashion mantra, "shop your closet!" My AH-HA moment came earlier this week when I found this adorable summer dress in my closet. I've been shopping for something just like it ...ooops, turns out I already owned one. I know, so bad -right?! Tell me I'm not alone on this! Haha, let's see what else I'll dig up. xx veronika
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Re-Mixing Rampage & Working With My Closet

Jun 23, 2011


Hello friends, the weekend is fast approaching and I couldn't be more excited. I love to work but I also love to relax just the same. I'm looking forward to a bit of pampering this weekend, an ocean walk with the pooch, and trying some new & yummy vegetarian recipes. Ah... total West Coast bliss!

So, after declaring my love for my H&M coral wedges on my blog last week (remember?), I did the next logic thing and bought the black ones too. Yup, I'm one of those girls... when I like something I buy it in every colour -haha! As for the rest of the outfit? I’m on a re-mixing rampage at the moment. I’ve discovered that I’ve recently fallen into the bad habit of buying something new, rather than working with what I’ve got ...but don’t worry, I’m not swearing off shopping anytime soon.

Well, have a fabulous Thursday everyone! And as always, thank you for your sweet & thoughtful comments. You guys are the best!! xx veronika

PS ...A big thank you to Cara of "A Fashion Love Affair" for hosting the wonderful Shashi bracelet giveaway! Because I won, yay!!
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Mid Week Hipstas & Must-Do Summer Date Ideas!

Jun 22, 2011


Firstly, yesterday was the first day of summer -yay! And secondly, I thought I would share some of my fave "summer dates" that I can't wait to do with my hubby this summer!!
  • Pack up a yummy dinner and go to a drive-through movie
  • Spend a day at the water slide park
  • Explore a local town and be a tourist in my own city
  • Enjoy an ocean-side & sunset picnic, complete with candles
  • Go strawberry picking
  • Visit a local farmers market
  • And the grand finale?! Lie on blankets and look up at the stars together
Happy summer you guys! Hope yours is filled with fabulous moments, great friends, and lovely summer dresses -of course. xx veronika
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Weekend Adventures & A New Dress....

Jun 20, 2011

Hey guys! Haha, yes it's over-the-weekend candid me!! Hubs and I decided to mix it up and do more of a candid take on my usual outfit post. I couldn't be more thrilled with how the pictures turned out. It's something that I hope to do a little more often this summer. Yay, let the warm weather fun begin...
On Saturday, hubs, pooch & I headed over to our favourite historic town, just minutes from our home. It was so lovely to be there. We've lived in our community for two years now, and (oops) this is my second time going there ...I know, shame on me! I seriously work way too much!! But as you can tell by my smile, I was beyond ecstatic to have the afternoon off.
This lovely dress is a recent Joe Fresh purchase and caught my eye immediately! It's [seriously] so comfy that I felt like I was strolling around in my pajamas, and I just adore the colour!! As for my necklace? It's a piece that I recently made. I love the sweet little hand-painted stoneware pendant -SO cute! And of course I wore my "comfy & trusty" ballet slippers; perfect for an afternoon stroll!

Alright my lovelies! Wishing you all a smooth and sunny Monday!! xx veronika
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Striped Cardys & Bright Pink Belts...

Jun 16, 2011


Hello friends! Wow, is it Thursday already? This week has been whizzing by. Hubs and I have been enjoying so many amazing outdoor adventures. We've been walking to our local market for yummy seafood, barbequing and living on our patio. I wish summer could last forever!! But I so plan to make the most of it, and I'll be taking loads of photos -of course.

Ok, fashion confession time? I'm on a huge hat kick right now. I just purchased this lovely hat at Joe Fresh, along with the striped cardy and hot pink belt -yay! Hubs bought groceries and I bought clothes; we are obviously a match made in heaven!! Side note: hubs also put away the groceries while I tried on my new clothes. Awesome husband award?! Check, check!

I'm beyond excited for the weekend. I'll be with friends on Friday night, enjoying [more] yummy food and some hot tub dips. I also have a fun photo-shoot planned for over the weekend, which I'll be sharing with you guys on Monday. Happy almost weekend everyone! xx veronika
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Blog Spotlight: Introducing Kate of O My Heart!

Jun 15, 2011

Welcome to the first edition of a new feature here at Girl & Closet. I'm so thrilled to introduce the beautiful, kind and chic Kate of O My Heart. I found Kate's blog earlier this year and was thrilled to connect with a fellow Canadian blogger. I quickly fell for Kate's girly & classy aesthetic, and she's an absolute sweetheart too. Be sure to check out her blog; you will love her gorgeous style!! Enjoy the interview!
1. Tell us a little bit about yourself?
Haha, what would you like to know? My name is Kate, I'm in my late twenties & live on the east coast of Canada! I'm kind and affectionate and a little bit shy, with a love for nachos, music, fruit smoothies and of course, a slight obsession with fashion & personal style blogs!

2. What inspired you to start your fashion blog?
I had been reading fashion blogs for about two years by the time I started my blog and I just kept finding myself wanting to join in... it looked so fun! I always kept folders on my desktop where I'd save photos that inspired me or items I was lusting over, and I loved the idea being able to keep that all in one place & share it with others! I was incredibly nervous to start one though and kept it a secret for quite a while! 
3. How has your personal sense of style evolved over the blogging years?
My personal style has definitely changed since starting my blog. I went through a weird phase about 4 months into my blog where I looked at my photos and realized my style was not at all what I wanted it to be. What I liked in my head and what was saved in all of my inspiration folders was not at all what I was portraying. I think over the last year I've become a little less cutesy and a little more polished, which as a girl in my late 20's, was one of the things I wanted to achieve.

4. Aside from fashion blogging, what are some of your other passions?
People! The people in my life - my family, my boyfriend, my friends. Those are my passions. Also, finding new music. I possess no musical talent myself, other than a good ear... I love finding new bands to love, and spend a lot of time looking for something new to listen to!

5. What do you love doing on your days off?
My days off are usually really low key. I spend a lot of time with the fella or with friends, watching movies, shopping, or going to see local bands. I like to go to fitness classes at the gym. I like to go out for dinner or make a big meal when I have the time. Though I also like to take advantage of my days off to take outfit photos for the blog! A dream day would probably involve going to an amusement park - I am a bit of a roller coaster junkie but we don't have any near here! Trips to big cities often involve scouting one out!
6. Who takes your outfit pictures and do you have any photography tips?
Most of my photos are taken by myself, with a tripod and a camera remote! Occasionally the fella will take photos for me, and sometimes I get together with blogger pals Candice of Brilliant Sugar or Kristin of Doll Parade for photo sessions! As for tips, my biggest tip is to take photos in good natural light and to not use a flash. I find shooting in the shade works best, or on a slightly overcast day.

7. What are your dreams and aspirations for your blog?
I don't have any set goals for my blog at this point - I just want to keep doing it, keep growing it, and see where it takes me! It's just a fun hobby for me, so anything that happens beyond that is just a bonus!
8. What summer trends are you absolutely loving right now?
Oh gosh, there are so many fun trends right now. I am pretty obsessed with loose fitting blouses paired with shorts & pumps - I feel like this will be my summer uniform! I am also really loving the casual coolness of boat shoes & loafers. And, of course, all the bold, bright colors, color blocking, and touches of neon!

9. What’s your current go to outfit?
As I mentioned above, all I want to wear right now is loose fitting blouses with shorts. However, I only have a couple of these in my closet, so while it's not my go-to outfit fully yet, it will be! When I’m in a big rush I generally throw on stripes – easy & chic!
10. Do you have any tips for new or aspiring fashion bloggers? 
There are so many different aspects to consider, but I guess technically speaking, make your outfit photos big enough that we can easily see the details. I always find it frustrating going to a blog and seeing tiny photos where I can't make out any of the details of what you're wearing! Also, when you comment on other blogs, try to be sincere. Avoid leaving comments that make any reference to "If you follow me, I'll follow you!" - to be honest, I purposely won't go visit your blog if you've left that as a comment. And most importantly, be yourself, be sincere, and try not to get caught up in it all. While blogging has a ton of positive aspects, it also has a dark side... jealousy, feeling inferior, feeling like you "need" certain items to keep up with other bloggers, getting down on yourself for not having as many followers or as many comments as someone else, etc. Try not to let this stuff get you down, and just try to stay true to yourself and what you like. Try to remember you're doing this for FUN! If it's not fun, something needs to change!

A BIG thank you to Kate for this wonderful interview! Isn't she adorable, you guys?! You can visit her blog here: O My Heart ...and stay tuned for the second edition of "blog spotlight." I'll be doing the next one in August. Hope everyone is having the loveliest of Wednesdays. xx veronika
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Stripes Mixed With Florals... And Ice Cream Dates!

Jun 13, 2011


Hello friends! Oh my goodness, have you noticed that I live in these H&M wedges lately?! Haha, I really can't help myself... they are so comfortable, which for me is non negotiable. Hubs and I love walking to the village for ice cream or to enjoy a fancy coffee. Ah, summer is definitely in the air!

 I spent the rest of my weekend in my "home studio" ...well, it's more of a nook in our condo. I have been feeling mighty creative lately, and making adorable necklaces and vintage bead earrings. I just adore scouring shops for old beads and sweet little pendants -SO fun!!

 Alright, my dearies. Hope your Monday is turning out to be an absolutely lovely one. And stay tuned... I'm staring a new feature this Wednesday called "blog spotlight!" I'll be interviewing one of my favourite personal style bloggers! xx veronika
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Lovely Hats, Florals, And Ocean Walks...

Jun 9, 2011


Happy almost Friday everyone! It has been blissfully hot and I'm loving every minute of it. I have SO many floral dresses that are screaming to be worn; thankfully the weather has been incredible!! Hubs and I have been going for ocean walks, making loads of summer salads, and relaxing by the pool. I'm eager to slow life down a little bit, and gasp, even take a week off this summer.

And on another note... I'm absolutely loving hats lately! I just saw the sweetest one on modcloth's website; it's a floral fedora, which I would love to pair with some cute denim shorts... so perfect for a weekend adventure with hubs & pooch! And speaking of floral patterns, are you guys as smitten with the floral pattern on this dress as I am?! It's my new crush!

Wishing you guys the loveliest of Thursdays!! xx veronika
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Girl & Closet, Sponsor Spotlight... June!

Jun 8, 2011

Summer has me thinking of lovely ways to update my wardrobe. Let's take a peek at some of my favourite things from my super fabulous sponsors!!

I recently discovered One-Offs Yippee and their fabulous tagline says it all: "Completely unique items created just for us, by completely unique artists you need to know." I adore the idea of owning such 
one-of-a-kind and unique pieces. This darling online retailer has a wide selection of products ranging from fashion to jewelery, and they even sell gorgeous art & photography.
When summertime rolls around, I absolutely love living in our pool... being the fashion-minded gal that I am, means I want to be lounging in a stylish swimsuit! It's safe to say that Shabby Apple has stolen my heart with their vintage inspired swim wear!!

For the month of June, Shabby Apple is currently offering a 15% off coupon code for anything on their site. Just use code "Green15" at checkout.
What better way to add charm to your summer dresses, than with vintage inspired jewelry?! And with a more than affordable price point, one of these items would also make for a sweet gift. Yes, this is a hint for my husband... my birthday is fast approaching.

And as if jewelry couldn't get any sweeter, BrideBlu is offering a 30% discount on your next bundle purchase. Use promo code "closet 30" -offer expires Thursday June 30th.
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Ruffles, Bowties, And A Delightful Blogger Picnic...

Jun 6, 2011


Firstly, I'm in L-O-V-E with my new modcloth top! And how cute is my bow-tie necklace?! I absolutely adore fun & whimsical jewelry. I was SO thrilled to receive this sweet necklace from BrideBlu, one of my lovely sponsors. I've been wearing it non-stop, so prepare yourselves, you will be seeing this beauty often. And speaking of beauties?! I just went to my third blogger meet up -SO fun!!
What a delightful afternoon! The lovely Cee of Coco and Vera suggested that we do a blogger picnic in Stanley Park, which is a gorgeous 400 acre evergreen park and is well over 120 years old. We sat amidst stunning cedar, hemlock and fir trees -total bliss! We were too delighted to find a sweet ocean-side spot, where we ate cupcakes and gabbed non-stop. I surprisingly didn’t take as many pictures as I normally do. Sorry girls! Apparently, I was having too good of a time!
I truly love meeting up with these girls once a month. I spend so much of my “blogging life” making virtual connections, so it’s gratifying to actually connect with my bloggy peers, face-to-face. I’m thrilled to see that our group is quickly growing and that I have these sweet, intelligent and gorgeous gals in my life. We are already planning a fourth meet up; it’s kind of themed and most importantly, it will be a blast!! I’m certain that you guys will love it, so stay tuned...

From left to right, here are the Vancouver lovelies: Cara from A Fashion Love Affair, Alicia from aliciafashionista, Alexandra from To Vogue or Bust, Cee from Coco and Vera, Mina from Faboulista, and Louise from Fifth Sparrow.

Have a great day you guys. And also a big thank you for your sweet & thoughtful comments; they truly make my day. xx veronika
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