Look Book: Summery & Vintage Inspired Jeans

Jul 28, 2011

Outfit Details:
Hat - H&M
Top - modcloth
Jeans - American Eagle
Shoes - H&M
Lip colour - (Chanel: Gabrielle #19), Lip Liner - (Sephora Real Red #20)

I was so excited to get out and take these pictures -yippee! I finally had the opportunity to test out my newly purchased wireless remote, and it worked fabulously. I had such a fun time tromping around my neighbourhood, taking pics and smiling at bystanders. I even did a little victory dance when I was finished. I know, I'm such a dork.

I recently purchased this modcloth top, and I've been wearing it non-stop. I've been styling it with my floral skirts, denim shorts & sandals, and with my flared jeans -of course.  I'm such a sucker for anything vintage inspired; it's a look that I've been loving lately. Oh, and if you're wondering who that kitty is, well that's my cat pumpkin... poor guy hasn't really had much exposure on the blog. He's such a love bug!

Any fun plans for the weekend, friends? I'm hoping to visit a few historic towns with hubby this weekend. Hope the weather holds up, it's been dismal here in Vancouver. Fingers crossed for lots of sunshine. xx veronika

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Inspired By: Glittery Nails

Jul 27, 2011

 Product Details:
Nail Polish - (Sally Hansen: Nearly Nude), Top Coat - (Sephora: Only Gold For Me)

Hello friends. Gosh, it's been a busy week. Just popping in for a quick post today. I've been dying to share my newly purchased Sephora top coat. Has anyone tried it before? I absolutely love it! I'll be wearing it again this weekend but hoping to try it with a black varnish instead. Hubs & I have dinner plans. Yay!

Wishing everyone a fabulous Wednesday and see you tomorrow for an outfit post. xx veronika

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Scenes From: My Birthday!

Jul 25, 2011

Did everyone have a great weekend?! As promised, here are a few of my favourite moments from my little ole birthday. It was a lovely & quiet celebration, filled with all of life’s important things ...silliness, laughter, love, and champagne -of course!

What a fun night! I happily wore my modcloth dress, despite the rain & gloom. I purchased this beauty as a birthday gift -thank you me! Hubs was also an instrumental force. He decided that no outfit was complete without silly hats & birthday whistles. He also made sure that my champagne glass was always full -what a guy! I spent the day feeling thankful and full of gratitude. And thank you dear readers for letting me share a little bit of my day with you. xx veronika
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Look Book: Retro Inspired Birthday Dresses...

Jul 21, 2011


Hello friends, and thank you for all of your sweet birthday wishes. It absolutely brightened my day!! Hubs and I enjoyed a quiet but fabulous evening filled with pink champagne & delicious food. A big thank you to the Mr. for making my birthday SO delightful. And [no surprise] we took lots of pictures ...I'll be sure to share those with you in a post next week.

This dress is probably one of my favourite things I've worn in the past little while. Although I adore simple, casual & comfy outfits, I've been feeling inspired to have more fun with the things that I wear and how I choose to style them. Lately, I've been kind of obsessed with wearing hats, bright coloured lips, and vintage inspired reading glasses, all in an attempt to bring more fun to my outfits -I'm loving it!!

Guys! Also be sure to check out BrideBlu on Etsy. They've graciously extended their 30% off discount until August 1st, code: closet30. I'm loving & wearing their delightful necklace in the above post. You'll absolutely fall head-over-heels in love with this sweet & vintage inspired jewelry line, so go check it out! And happy almost Friday everyone. xx veronika
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Birthday Week & Floral Maxi Dresses...

Jul 19, 2011


Recently, I tweeted about wanting to change my blunt bangs to side swept bangs. However, it's become very clear that I am a creature of habit. I attempted the side swept look for a whopping 20 minutes, but then quickly caved, ran to the hair salon... and voila, my blunt bangs are back!! I did however pick up a few new lipstick shades to refresh my look. I'm wearing & loving MAC shade A-41 "please me" -it's such a sweet shade of pink. I adore and highly recommend it!

As for the outfit? Yay for blogging girlfriends that let me borrow their clothes! I was SO delighted when Alicia of "aliciafashionsista" brought this beauty of a dress to our recent clothing swap. I had such a fun time styling up this maxi! Woven fedoras, light cardigans, and floral print dresses have quickly become my summer uniform.

Tonight, hubs and I are heading off to enjoy a fabulous new restaurant/lounge. I'll be celebrating my birthday -hooray! Upside? I get to enjoy a night out with my honey. Downside? I swear, as I get older, these darn birthdays seem to come faster & faster. Enjoy your day, friends!! xx veronika

PS I've changed my post layout and increased the size of my pictures so you guys can enjoy my outfits in more detail. Hehe, no more squinting required.
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Breezy Pleated Dresses & A Jumping Face Off!

Jul 14, 2011


Hey guys, hope everyone is having a super week! Do you like our jumping shot?! Haha, hubs and I decided to end off our photo-shoot with a jumping face off; clearly his jumping talents far surpass my own. AND in other news, I'm so excited for this upcoming week -it's my birthday. Yay!! The Mr. has some terrific ideas planned for us. I of course couldn't resist splurging on a few new & adorable modcloth dresses, which I'll be sharing with you guys in an outfit post. So excited!

This is easily my favourite dress I've worn in awhile. It's a recent "blogger swap" acquisition and I just adore it! You can see how Alicia styled it in her recent post here: "thankful." Don't you just love that she added a fantastic military jacket?! Gorgeous. I'm surprised it's taken me this long to wear something pleated ...such a pretty & flattering silhouette.

 Alright my lovelies, hope your weekend is a fantastic one. I'll be enjoying a BBQ with friends at their newly purchased home (congrats guys) on Saturday, along with lots of birthday/weekend fun.  Oh, and I'll see you guys next week for a few more "swapped" goodies. xx veronika

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Summer Dresses & A Mid Afternoon Blogger Swap...

Jul 12, 2011


Hello friends! This past weekend I headed into the city to meet up with some of my fave Vancouver fashion bloggers for a clothing swap. What a fun way to spend my Saturday afternoon!! The weather could have not been more perfect, and I was delighted to be taking outfit photos in our quaint little neighbourhood. I'm just smitten with all of the beautiful tree lined streets.
I met with the girls on Saturday afternoon at Cee's lovely Vancouver condo, where we enjoyed our usual round of delightful fashion chats, blogging tips, and shared countless laughs. I also had the chance to meet Cee's husband, who is an absolute sweetheart. He patiently listened to our girly gab sessions and snapped countless pictures -what a guy!
As for the swapping portion of the afternoon?! Well, it's safe to say that I'm completely hooked. Firstly, I was able to pick up some fabulous new pieces, all without spending any money -yay me!! I'm certain that both my husband & bank account are greatly relieved. And secondly, I chose items that are outside of my normal "go-to-look," which is SO fun! I think we can all get stuck in a fashion rut and a swap is a great way to try something new ...and I also can't wait to see how the girls re-mix some of my staple items!!
I'm so excited for our next swap! And in the meantime, be sure to check out my fellow Vancouver blogging lovelies: Alicia from aliciafashionista, Cee from Coco and Vera, and Louise from Fifth Sparrow. Have a great day, you guys!! xx veronika
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A Picture An Hour (ish) & A Peak Into My Day...

Jul 7, 2011

Hey guys! I’ve been wanting to grab a few more candid shots for the blog and I thought this was the perfect theme. Has anyone tried the “a picture an hour” post before?! I had so much fun snapping the pics & putting it all together. I especially love the candid ones with hubs; how fun that we have pics that capture bits of our evening. I can’t wait to do it again sometime... xx veronika
 7:00 am {awake and hiding}
 9:00 am {starting off my day with some fresh air}
 10:00 am {making a few new jewelry pieces}
10:15 am {all done, featuring vintage + swarovski beads}
11:30 am {catching up on emails & working from my home office}
  12:30 pm {apple grilled cheese sandwich & vanilla rice milk}
3:00 pm {someone's got the easy job}
5:00 pm {patio time with my hubby}
6:00 pm {kale baked in olive oil + soy sauce}
7:30 pm {evening snuggles}
8:30 pm {still relaxing}
9:00 pm {watching funny bits -goodnight!}
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