Look Book: Cozy Leg Warmers & Lazy Weekends!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Martin & I were lazy, lazy bums this weekend and it felt sooo good! On Saturday, we took advantage of the relatively mild temperature and went to explore a fisherman's village just 20 minutes from where we live - it was so nice to get out and do something different. Yay! I'll be sharing those photos with you early next week. The rest of the weekend was spent doing a few DIY decorating projects around our home. I also (oh joy!) discovered pinning!! I had no idea it was so fun & addictive; if you'd like to see what I'm loving, you can follow me here: Girl & Closet Pinterest!
Cozy knit leg warmers & knee boots is a look I've wanted to try for quite a while and I absolutely loved it. Plus, I really liked the added warmth. Cute & functional is a total win-win in my fashion books! And as much as I want the warmer weather to come back, it's always during this season that I realize how much I love to layer - it adds so much more interest to an outfit!
This week, I'll be ordering my Girl & Closet business cards for my upcoming trip to Texas Style Conference in Austin, Texas - yay! I'm slowly starting to plan some outfits for it too. I'll be there mid March... any fashion tips for me, guys?! Can I get away with light cardy's & dresses? Tights or no tights?! Help! Lastly, if you haven't already, don't forget to enter my Gaia Metal Studio Giveaway; one lucky gal will win a gorgeous money clip for her fella or special someone - just in time for Valentines Day! ♥
Outfit Details:
Jacket - H&M
Dress - H&M (similar)
Tights - Joe Fresh (similar)
Leg Warmers - Forever 21


  1. Love the socks with your boots and the beautiful print on your dress! Great pics, thanks for sharing. :)


  2. super cute look hun! those leg warmers are adorable :)


    Fashion Fractions

  3. those are the sounds of a very happy weekend indeed! just the kind of relaxed time i'd like to put on in extended remix and that refers to your absolutely good vibes producing outfit too!!! F21....did u go there to shop or online? i haven't been in so long but the boyf & i have been talking road trip down to Seattle soon. eeee, hope that happens!

    your smile and ushering in winter bliss pose are so cute Veronika. the ensemble is sizzlingly sweet. gotta love a good pair of boots that sit at just the right height so as to show off some well-suited leg warmers. such style - cheers for a week full of wishes to come true!!! xo ♥

  4. adorable as usual! can't wait to see the pictures of the fisherman's town, and I hope you have a blast in Austin. Maybe I'll make it out next year!

  5. I absolutely love this outfit! You look super adorable and cozy. Socks with boots has got to be the best fashion trend to come out this winter!

    As for tights in Texas in March - it's a no. It'll be too sticky! Hopefully we can meet at TXSC.


  6. Love this look! The green fence and barn totally sets off the color in your skirt!


  7. Love this outfit! So pretty and easy! Boots are awesome!

    xoxo Jessica

  8. Super adorable..I love the look of socks with boots! and i love the pattern on your dress!

  9. sounds like you really had a great weekend!
    and your outfit is great, i never tried the socks-inboots-look, but I love it everytime i see it!
    xxx Anita

  10. weekends are for being lazy ;)
    I love the outfit, looks cozy.
    have a great monday

  11. Oh, I love pinterest, but it is so addicting. I'm following you now! I've even pinned some of your outfits to my fashion inspiration board before :)

  12. Such a girlie and romantic outfit! Love it!


  13. I need a pair of those leg warmers! I love the cream color, so versatile.

    xoxo, Jjanga

  14. I love this outfit! I am a huge fan of leg warmers or tall socks with boots, especially wonderfully patterned ones.

    Little Lady Little City

  15. See, it's photos like this that keep me aching for a white winter. All we ever get is rain in our area. But you look so warm and cozy out there in all that snow! The leather jacket is such a great touch with the dress.

    Very exciting to hear about the Texas Style Conference as well! I bet it will be a blast.

    Callie @ coffeeandcardigans.com

  16. love love this look, friend! loving how those socks peep right out of those beams - and i totally have been obsessed with leather jackets over floral. perfection!

  17. Love this look and the photo location is beautiful! Be careful, Pinterest is SOOOO addictive; I can waste so many hours pinning away :D

    Have a great week!

  18. I absolutely LOVE that jacket!

  19. Love the floral print skirt in the snow-so perfect! And the legwarmers peeking out of the boots look so cozy, love it!
    xo Cara

  20. I love the boots and thick socks look - so cute! I'm not sure what TX weather is like in March but when I was in Dallas in October it was chilly enough for tights and I was very glad I had brought some.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  21. Cut outfit!! I love the mix of leather and floral. Looks chilly out there!!

    The Klury Report & Kini Style

  22. Aw sounds like a fun weekend!! I really love your dress with the little leather jacket here, so cute. And the layering looks so cozy and chic

  23. Love the pairing of the floral flirty skirt and edgy leather jacket. Great look.


  24. And I am your newest pinterest follower! ^^ Going to repin your style boards in a second, haha. I just love this sweet outfit Veronika :) And I am looking forward too see the pictures of your little adventure! x

  25. This is the perfect outfit! And I love those legwarmers! How did I miss those last time I was there?

    xx MaDonna

  26. you are soo cute! i LOVE your leg warmers!! i want to go out and buy a bunch more!

  27. Love the idea of incorporating floral into winter outfits. Especially with legwarmers. Definitely stealing ;)


  28. Sounds like a perfect lazy weekend! Although, with those DIY projects you've apparently been pretty productive.

    I can't believe there's still snow in your neighborhood. So pretty! And it's perfect with your lovely winter layers. That dress is adorable and so are those pretty leg warmers!

    Have a great week :-) xo


  29. Your outfit is lovely, Veronika, as always! I am really liking the floral skirt- it just adds a nice touch to the winter-y look! Leg warmers are great too, such a pretty vintage inspired layering!!! :)
    Have a beautiful day!
    Good luck!


  30. gorgeous blog. love your style! has anyone ever told you that you look like Lexi Grey from Grey's Anatomy?

  31. You look gorgeous!


  32. Absolutely beautiful....EVERYTHING! I'm from Alaska and the knee socks or leg warmers with boots is definately my favorite go-to cute and cozy!

  33. perfect combo of girly and edgy! love it! you're the cutest:)

  34. I just found your blog via Running on Happiness and I am SO HAPPY I DID!
    I love your "look" :)


  35. Oh welcome to pinning m'dear! It is quite addictive, this is true. I will have to follow you there now too! I have put a bunch of wedding inspiration on mine. Love your leg warmers and boots!

  36. You look so beautiful! First let me say I love this outfit, the boots and socks are my favorite! Second, I am so envious of how perfect your hair always looks! I wish I could get my bangs like that!


  37. SO GORGEOUS! I've been wanting to try the leg warmers and boot look for a while now...just need to find some cozy leg warmers! And the combo looks great with your dress! I'm loving this look :)

    xo, gina


  38. This outfit is awesome! I like the leg warmers look. I have had a pair for quite a long time and I still have not figured out how to wear them, perhaps I will take a cue from you. Leg Warmer Crew unite!

  39. I had no idea you were going to the conference, that is so exciting! Fill me in on the details! As for this outfit...absolutely love it. The leg warmers give it the perfect touch of winter-chic yet the florals really brighten it up. You look beautiful as ever!

    Alex xoxo

  40. love, love, love the socks with boots, and all that snow!

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  42. I love the dress!!


  43. You make me want to buy leg warmers - yours are so cute & cozy looking!
    I love your floral print dress, too.


  44. The leg warmers are adorable with your cool boots. I love your jacket too! And I definitely started following you on Pinterest. I'm addicted too.

  45. so so cute. i totally agree about winter layering...after it's been about of day of summer i'm thinking...but i miss my cardigan!

  46. the leg warmers look great with the boots you never fail to inspire dear!
    XX Ilana

    My Modern Vintage

  47. Aw, love the outfit! I'll be at Texas Style Council too, so excited to possibly meet you! Being a native of Texas, I would recommend light cardigan and dress. You probably won't need the tights though, unless it gets cool at night, but the possibility is slim. It just gets warmer here so quickly. Anyhow, take care!

  48. I like the leg warmers. I think I have pinned more DIY ideas that I will ever be able to actually finish.

  49. Isn't Pinterest the most addictive thing? I discovered it a few months ago and I rarely go a day without finding some new inspiration to pin. Can't wait to take a look at yours, I'm sure you have some wonderful things pinned to your boards!

    I'm loving this winter look, particularly those fun patterned knee high socks. How cute! I wish I knew about Texas weather in March, but I'm sure you'll come up with some great looks, and I can't wait to see them all. Can't wait to see you soon, my dear!

  50. There's nothing better than warm, cozy socks and lazy winter weekends!

  51. I recently discovered your blog and I've been combing through your archives! Love your style and that you're from Vancouver as well :)


  52. Adorable :) I love the layered leg warmers and boots. As for Austin TX weather, I have no clue how to pack either!! It's usually cold and rainy in March where I live, so I'm hoping to get some pointers from Texans on how to dress.

  53. You look extra gorgeous in these photos! I love the leg warmers. Doing nothing is the best sometimes. But sometimes I hate doing nothing! I don't know what to tell you to wear in Austin, never been to TX :)

    Mabel Time

  54. Yay for lazy/relaxing weekends :) This look is sooo adorable pretty lady! I love the leg warmer look as well...and that dress is super cute!

    I lived in San Antonio (1 hour south of Austin) and visited Austin pretty regularly. One word, HOT! You will totally get away with a dress sans tights and a light cardi, you may not even need the cardi! It will more than likely be in the 75-80's :) Have fun!!


  55. this may be a favorite outfit of yours yet, dear veronika. :) i live in north east texas, & it's pretty chilly here in march. today we didn't need jackets & it's been between 50-60 degrees. it really starts warming up in april & may. bring the tights, & jackets, but you might not need them. make sure you have a mix of short & long sleeves. it's usually rain or sun here, oh & it's humid.

  56. You do dresses so well! Love the socks and boots. This also reconfirms how much I want a hot little leather jacket!!

  57. Great layering, functional and needed this time of year!

  58. Great leather jacket!


  59. love the leather jacket and your socks!! adorable!


  60. Hooray, Pinterest! I know, I know...it's so crazy addicting, you're right! I'm hopping on to follow you now :) Can't wait to see those fisherman's village photos!

    Something 2 Write About

  61. just found your blog and have become COMPLETELY obsessed!
    so excited to read more.

  62. I really love your blog and your outfits *;*

    > www.blog-anapaulaxavier.com


  63. You're so cute! love your flirty skirt!



  64. sounds like the perfect weekend! love this outfit and your knee socks, hooray for pinning!


  65. You always look so effortlessly fantastic! I love this outfit!
    I haven't been a reader for long, but you are becoming one of my favorites!


  66. Those leg warmers are the warmest coziest things I've seen all day! So cute!

    See Me Rwar

  67. Texas weather in March could be one of two ways...either extremely hot (think 80's even 90's) or rainy and cold. I'd bring options for both, because Texas is famous for weather that radically changes.

    I should know! I've lived in Texas all my life, including Austin.

  68. i love the cozy knit and boots look! and cheers to lazy weekends :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  69. Such a lovely skirt! I definitely agree - layering really adds so much to an outfit - and those leg warmers are the cutest. Love reading your posts Veronika :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  70. I love the leg warmers and the whole look looks very cozy!

  71. I love the bit of edge that the leather jacket adds to the oufit!

    xoxo danni


  72. Man, I fell behind on my blogs, but so glad I caught up, because this outfit is SO cute! <3
    Adorable socks and boots. Plus, the print on your dress - as always - is perfect :)
    Hmm, I can't advise you on that Style Conference as far as outfits. Just wear what you'd normally wear, and I'm sure you'll be fine ;) You've got such fantastic style! I know you'll pull together some great looks.


  73. I love those leg warmers peeking out over your boots, what a cute look! Strangely, it hasn't been cold enough here to warrant leg-warmers, but I'm sure that will change soon. I'll have to try it when winter finally decides to show up!

  74. Just found your blog!
    your adorable love the outfit so great!
    check out my blog :)

  75. Super cute! Love the socks peaking out of your boots!

    xo Jennifer


  76. Super cute outfit! Love all the layers, especially the skirt :-)


  77. Exploring is so much fun! You look lovely! Love your leg warmers!

  78. Love this girly/edgy look and the mix of colors/patterns with the dress and socks!! EE! And the backdrop is perfect, love the green building and fence. And you reminded me that I need to order new biz cards for Texas Style Council!

  79. Lovely outfit! Sounds like a great weekend.

    As far as Texas, from what I remember, March is not a time where you want to be dressed warmly. I'd take 1 layer worthy outfit in case there's some weird freak cold snap to hold you out to getting to a store and getting anything else should you need emergency cold weather clothing. Over all though, March should be pretty warm there. If I remember growing up there correctly, winter usually consisted of about 2-3 weeks of actual coldness. Hope you have fun there!

  80. The print on your dress is so pretty!

  81. I Love the hole outfit! i would SO wear this. i love your blog, it is really awesome! :D



  82. Thick thigh-high socks and tall boots is pretty much my go-to look for winter. Love that dress!


  83. hope to see your business cards on the blog! You look soo pretty. The boots are my favorites and I hope to get a pair for myself soon!!

  84. This outfit look amazing on you, I love how you layer things. I'm really happy for your trip to the Texas Style Council, can't wait to see your business cards.

    Nicole D.
    The Owl Girl


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