An Early Valentines

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hello! I feel like it's been so quiet around here... it's been a busy, busy last couple of weeks. I've been buried in work! I couldn't resist popping in today though, to share my early Valentine's gift with you... my newly upgraded engagement ring. I've always loved the look of emeralds - they're so classic and I adore the clean lines. I've paired mine here with Stella & Dot's Stackable Deco Ring. So pretty, love the vintage look it lends!

This week, I'm hoping to get caught up on all my blogging stuff: emails, comments, and get my outfit posts all lined up. I'll be back later this week with a re-cap of my first Stella & Dot party which I hosted in our home just this past weekend. A big thank you to my lovely guests! As for the rest of today, I'll be ordering jewelry samples as well as the prettiest business cards. I also visited Staples the other day. Okay seriously, what is it about office supplies?! I find them way too fun. Pretty pens, heart shaped sticky notes, adorable note books. Yup, I went a little Staples crazy! Well, thanks for letting me ramble, guys. I'll see you a little later this week. How's your week going?!...


  1. The ring is gorgeous!

    Sita xx

  2. Oh dear! your ring is really cute <3

    See you!

  3. UM WOW this is stunning V and what a whopper!! its huge and looks great paired with the Stella and Dot band..i cant not wait to see this beauty in person..hopefully i will not drool all over it:)

  4. I so know the feeling of going a bit overboard in an office supply or stationary store... there's just something about notebooks, even if I buy so many I can't possibly fill them all, I always want more! And as for your engagement ring, how gorgeous! That Martin sure has good taste :)

  5. Your ring looks amazing!

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested. :)

  6. How beautiful! I love the simplicity of your ring(s).
    Haha, I know what you mean, there are certain stores that have the most adorable office supplies and I can't resist them.

  7. I'm drooling! This is just picture perfect! Love love love!

  8. I love emerald cuts as well, they are my favorite. Your ring is absolutely perfect! You're a lucky lady.

  9. How lovely!

    I've got to get out to Staples or something like it for some sticky notes/pens/etc. Part of my is excited and the other part of me is dreading how much money I'm going to spend snatching up every adorable office supply in sight!

  10. That ring is BEAUTIFUL! Are both those rings your engagement ring? I just adore the vintage look they have -- classic and simple for everyday.

    Yay for early Valentines gifts! :)


  11. Your ring is gorgeous. I've always loved emerald cuts and my dream ring is an emerald cut with tapered baguettes.

  12. Your ring is gorgeous!!! I love emerald cut its so simple but so elegant.


  13. Oh, I LOVE who you paired your ring with that band! Way cute! :)
    I have a giveaway on my blog, that I think you would like! :)

  14. Stunning!!! I love how it looks with the Stella & Dot ring.

  15. Gorgeous (both of them!).

    Courtney ~

  16. i think my gaze went into slo-mo the second i spotted this post! what a stunning combo and your new upgrade is definitely divine lades. my Mom has a lovely emerald that i've swooned over since i was little. she used to scold me out big time when i'd sneak into her jewelry box to play with it ;)

    this cut is lovely on your delicate hand!! bringing it in with the gorgeous S&D one was genius too. love the pave-like setting, it's super pretty.

    yah to your party going off without a hitch - can't wait to see the pics and will be writing you back soon. just been a bit busy myself, totally empathize with ya! and Staples, oh helllz ya - i have dreams of one day getting to the "container store" though. i think that'd be mighty awesome to explore. xo ♥

  17. oooo so pretty! I love it! So delicate and beautiful!

  18. veronika, it's so pretty! you must be thrilled. i look forward to seeing your stella & dot party pics. :)

  19. Eeeeeeep! What a gorgeous ring. That is a great Valentine's Day present. :)


  20. WOW! Absolutely gorgeous, you are one lucky lady :)

  21. Aww so beautiful


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