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Hands up for Fri-yay! Who's doing what?! I'm off to visit my mom tomorrow for a mom & daughter date. We're off for lunch, then pedicures/shopping and ending it off with a few cocktails. Can't wait! Then on Sunday, I'm off to buy a few props for my Instagram flat-lays (does that make me sound like a dork?!) and then stopping off at our new/local bakery Gabi & Jules for some handmade pie & coffee. Really hoping to try their lemon meringue! With that, enjoy this weeks weekend reads friends! xo

- This Hemisphere Cuff is absolutely stunning and I can't wait to get my hands one!!

- And... since we're on the topic of jewellery?! Also, OBSESSED with this necklace!

- Did someone say Skinny Double Chocolate Banana Muffins? So much yes!

- Love this, 11 Yoga Moves To Improve Digestion. I must say since starting yoga my digestion has improved so much!

- Who's tried these jeans?! I've heard such good things and NEED to try a pair!!

- Can't stop with the cozy sweaters and this one is so good!

- These are on my "must get" list. Gorgeous, right?!

- We just ordered these Pottery Barn Tibetan Barstools in grey and they're perfect! 

- Grace of The Stripe just wrote an amazing post on blogging and it's loaded with great tips!

-  Any locals visiting Victoria? My blogging bestie Cee, of Coco & Vera wrote a fantastic travel guide!

PS - Thank you for all your LOVE on the new Squarespace site. In retrospect, I'm glad my Wordpress site crashed and I made the move. This platform is so much easier to use and I'm loving it! Also, be sure to stay up to date with my daily looks and posts via bloglovin'

oh happy day

As the title states, it's a happy day! I'm back with an outfit post, but most importantly, my broken Wordpress site has been re-branded and moved to Squarespace. Yay! Did you guys hear about last weeks debacle?! I renewed my domain, and then, my site crashed and I spent the next four days chatting with tech support to "attempt" to get it back up & running. However, with each "fix" they managed to screw it up even more, and so, I threw in the towel and moved back to my first love - Squarespace! The process was seamless, my designer killed it and thankfully I can get back to blogging. Phew!

A few things to note, my categories (outfits, beauty and trips) are now archived as magazine tiles and you can click through to read more. So awesome! I plan on doing the same with the rest of my categories as I create more content. Also, my shop is back (located in my top nav bar) and you can now shop my home items too, which be warned, is all Pottery Barn, because I'm seriously obsessed! And if you have any questions regarding Squarespace, or want to make the switch? Let me know... I'm hoping to compile a post answering your questions!

As for outfits? You haven't missed much! I've been wearing mostly black and my distressed jeans on the daily. Also, obsessed with my new sweater. So good, right?! I found a similar one here and have been wearing mine with everything... maxi skirts, leggings and over my simple lace shift dress as well. Plus a big thank you to Cee of Coco & Vera for gifting me this scarf! While I haven't styled it much on the blog, I do wear it almost everyday, and it's perfection! If you're in the market for a cozy scarf?! Check out this one & this one they're both so good! xo

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Scarf (similar), Forever 21 Moto Jacket (similar) Zara Sweater (similar), American Eagle Jeans (similar), Zara Flats (similar)

PS - stay up to date with my daily looks and posts via bloglovin'