Keeping It Real

When it comes to blogging, I’m all about keeping it real. So... on that note, let me tell ya, coming up with this outfit was hella hard. It was just one of those days where I was under-slept, under the weather and couldn't figure out my closet for the life of me. Hello, Mount Everest. Ugh, isn’t that the worst?! Naturally, I took myself to DQ for an extra gooey blizzard and then drowned my sorrows at Anthro. Done and done! ;)

And who’s coming to see me at LOFT this Saturday? I’ll be there from 1 - 4 pm for the grand opening at Park Royal Centre and I’d love to meet you. The clothes are absolutely dreamy and it's the perfect excuse to get some Christmas presents checked off your list! You can register here!



Scarf, thrifted

Blazer (love this one)

Top, Zara

Jeans, American Eagle

Bag, Banana Republic

Boots, Old Navy