Day Off Girl

After a morning of coding for my upcoming online store, I come to you elated and brain-dead. Quite the winning combination, wouldn't you say?! Let's hope my mug full of coffee gets the ole' brain juices flowing. Firstly, let's talk outfit: I loved adding a bright pop of lipstick and a statement necklace to my day-off look. Such an easy way to jazz up an otherwise simple outfit, and jazzing up outfits, is definitley something I'm trying to work on.

And in other news (insert excitement) I gave the blog a little makeover in anticipation of my soon to be online store. Some people drink champagne, and I celebrate with html. Totally normal, right?! For now, I'll leave you guys with a little product sneak peek for the shop. And let me tell ya, buying merchandise for the store is a very dangerous thing... although shopping just might be my true life's calling! ;)


Outfit Details:

Cardigan - husband's closet

Tee - Zara

 Jeans - American Eagle

Bracelet - Stella & Dot

Necklace - Stella & Dot

Boots - Old Navy