Creative Transformation

This month, creative transformation and a resurgence of inspiration have been hitting me hard. Perhaps, in tune with spring's soon to be arrival, my own creative buds are slowly preparing for bloom! I’m currently and excitedly writing a post for the lovely Jenny Highsmith of Maidae on pursuing your dreams. I'll admit, writing, has always been a bit of a stranger in the room for me. However, I’m slowly taking steps to familiarize myself with it, and learn more. I’ve committed my mornings to “free writing” where I let it all flow, without hesitation and without judgement - it’s proved to be an amazing exercise. Not just for writing but also for instilling a sense of faith & trust in my own creative process.

Trust can be hard. Kind of like, if you’re giving a speech and you over prepare out of nervousness. It can end up feeling stifled, and out of the moment. As of late, my new motto is to under-prepare. Arriving at the next creative destination, feeling open to inspiration and in-tune with the uniqueness of the moment. I'm learning there is so much magic in the spontaneous, if, we can just let ourselves be! Seeking truth definitley makes life sweeter! xo

Outfit Details:

Hat: H&M (similar)

Jacket: H&M (similar)

Dress: thrifted (favourite midi 1 & 2

Tights: Joe Fresh

Boots: Aldo Shoes (similar)