Daily Wears | Mixed Patterns

After swearing off outfit posts... have ya noticed I'm back to outfit posts? Proof that all good things can be solved with a good old fashioned rant (you might remember my post from a few months back)! In any case, the one thing I've come to learn about blogging, is that like life, our appetite for things comes in waves. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't! And that, my friends, is totally okay! In fact, for my next "Beautiful Life" series I'll be posting on how to maintain your blogging mojo. Can't wait to share all I've learned over the last four years!

Blazer: XO Veronika (my shop), Tee: Banana Republic (similar), Necklace & Bracelet (Stella & Dot), Jeans: Zara (similar), Shoes: Zara (similar)

Outfit wise? I love this mixed pattern ensemble. I wore it again for a night out with my honey, but added a scarf. You can take a peek here! And... I can't wait to share more outfits soon. Now that my hubby is back at work, well naturally, I've been celebrating with a bit of shopping! ;)