tips for blonde hair care

Well then, it all started innocently, I swear! This past weekend, I planned on doing a bit of site maintenance and before I knew it (whoops!) I was playing with code + moving things around. I know you're supposed to stick to your branding, I preach it all the time, but my love of coding knows no end! Oh well, at least things are looking fun & new around here... I was in such a slump last week and this is the perfect refresh! 

As for todays post?! I'm excitedly sharing my tips for blonde hair care. When it comes to caring for hair?! I'll admit, I'm just a little obsessed! This past summer I went from brunette to blonde, which I love, and caring for my hair has become top priority in my beauty routine. With that said, I've accumulated a wealth of knowledge in that time, and today I'm passing on my most beloved tips!

1. Olaplex - Also known as my new best friend! This miracle worker reconnects broken disulfide sulfur bonds in the hair. What does all this fancy jargon mean?! Well basically, my hair was healthier & stronger after the bleaching then it was coming in. Amazing, right?! So the next time you're looking to lighten or bleach your hair ask your stylist about Olaplex, you'll want to high five me until the end of time! ;)

2. Dry Bar Brightening Shampoo - I typically use my toning shampoo once or twice a month and love it. It quickly reduces any brassiness and my colour looks brighter & whiter! For best results... I like to leave mine in for at least 15 minutes and then simply rinse!

3. Sweet Almond Hair Treatment - I started using hair masks a few years ago, and not sure what I was waiting for because they're awesome. Definitely on the pricey side, but mine typically last 7+ months, so when you break it down it's a worthy investment. This particular hair mask by Wen is my favourite though, the moisture & shine are amazing!

4. Heat Protect Spray - This one is a must for chemically treated hair! I blow dry and curl my hair several times a week and the GHD Style Heat Protect Spray has been a god send -- it's light weight, keeps my hair protected from heat and bonus points for smelling awesome too!

5. Brushing The Right Way - Firstly, I never, ever, brush my hair when it's wet. I wait until it's dampish, spray in a detangler and then use a wide tooth comb. And for everyday? I'd also recommend a natural bristle brush. I've been using mine for years and can't imagine life with out it!

There you have it friends, my tips for blonde hair! Have any of your own? I'd love to hear your faves too! xo