Weekend Ready + Lessons On Balance

This week has been great! This week has also brought some much needed lessons on balance -- especially where blogging is concerned. We've all been there, right?! In fact, I end up there every few months! ;) Over the past couple of weeks, I've been watching myself burn out a little, and of course, I want to make sure I nip it in the butt as soon as possible. When it comes to finding balance? For me, that means putting a time limit on my endeavours, checking in with myself, and making sure I'm not always hitting the ground running! I also, desperately, need to learn to replace my "shoulds" with "wants"... it makes a world of difference!! 

So, the goal is to ease up a little! Remind myself the sky will not fall if I post on Friday, as opposed to my usual Thursday slot, ect! As I forge ahead, I hope to incorporate more mindfulness and purpose into all that I do. Sounds good, right?! I also took time to write out a mission statement for the blog and remind myself exactly why this space exists!

Probably the biggest lessons I've learned as a result of the above... is? Don't blog for followers, or to attract sponsors. Blog because you love it + share what you're most passionate about. Passion is contagious, authenticity is your roadmap, and the world truly is your oyster! Also, don't be afraid to step back when you need to, getting a break from the "virtual" world is honestly so important. You'll come back recharged and re-inspired. I promise! On that note, happiest weekend, everyone!! xo 

Cardigan, Old Navy (similar + crazy cute!) | Top, Madewell | Jeans, American Eagle (so comfy!) | Tote Bag, Banana Republic | Flats, Zara (similar)

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