Uncover Your Blogging Passion

Hope everyone's week is off to a fine start and you're feeling ready to take this week on! I sure am! Today I thought I'd pop in with an inspiration style post, because it's been while, and I've missed them. As 2016 looms around the corner, which is a little crazy, I can't help but think of what the new year will bring for my blog and how I'd like to grow in the community.

Although I don't have all the answers yet, I do know, I'd like to create more meaningful content and create a space which aims to inspire. Blogging can often times feel like a hard world to navigate + find your voice, but I've been lucky to discover a few "new to me" communities, like the influence network and pursuit community that have me fired up & eager to delve deeper into my purpose and continue to evolve in my blogging journey. With that said, here are the things I believe can help you tune into your blogging passion:

Individuality, not comparison // It's all too easy to look at another blogger and feel like you should follow in their footsteps, especially if they've found success in their business & brand. But ultimately this will only lead to dissatisfaction in what you're doing and you'll find yourself burnt out. Passion on the other hand fuels you and gives energy back. So with said, be sure to pay extra attention to which blog content revs you up and which posts leave you feeling unmotivated... you'll quickly start to uncover the right path for your blog and life!

Take a class //  Currently I'm taking the Blog Life course via A Beautiful Mess and monthly classes from The Influence Network. I'd also encourage you to take a class in your local area, or start your own group for fellow creatives and bloggers. Learning, growing and sharing with other women is an amazing way to continue to grow in our individual paths and find meaning in what we are doing!

Turn down the volume // When I find myself disillusioned with blogging and like I'm loosing my purpose... I reach for a computer & social media time out. Taking time away, clearing my head and connecting to life around me is so enriching and quickly steers me back on my true path. Our truths are always with us, but it's pressures and distractions which pull us away from our true purpose and what we're put on this earth to do. So, don't be afraid to take an online sabbatical once in awhile, your audience will be there when you get back!

Brainstorm // On the more practical end, I'd also recommend taking an afternoon to jot down all of your favourite topics. For me, that's fashion, adventure, recipes, inspiration (like these posts) and home posts. Once, you've nailed down your categories you'll want to create sub-categories. For example, my beauty category would be made up of these sub-categories: how to get beachy waves, blonde hair care, DIY hair mask... the list goes on. From there you'll want to pick the categories which have the most post topics and feel like the right fit for your blog.

Experiment // This is probably my favourite tip and something I learned from The Beautiful Mess girls! Before you commit to starting a new series, or even taking your blog in a whole new direction, experiment with your new post topics first. I can't tell you how many times, I've gotten excited about a new topic, or post theme, only to discover I didn't actually enjoy the execution of it. Whoops, live & learn! Right?!

Stay encouraged // It's all too easy to write 3-4 killer posts and feel like you didn't get enough comments or attract new readers. But guys, stay encouraged and know you're building something meaningful... it's okay if it takes time, as long as you're creating content that fulfils you and you're growing in what you love -- then know you're already succeeding!

Any pressing questions, friends?! Fire away, I'd love to answer below, or include them in my next vlog! xo