My Fall & Winter 12 Piece Wardrobe

I've been SO excited to hit publish on this post, guys! For this remaining fall and winter, I'm doing something bold, crazy and fun. What's that you ask?! Say hello to my 12 piece wardrobe. So much yes! Why this insanity? Honestly, I've been feeling a little stale in the style department, and getting back to less, seems like the perfect way to evolve my personal style! Plus, life has been awfully busy and I'm tired of my closet feeling like another obstacle in my day. I'd love to be at the point where a client dinner involves nothing more than grabbing a gorgeous slouchy cardigan, cocktail dress, killer heels and I'm out the door in 5 minutes. Done & done!

For 2016, I'm equally excited to move towards more simplicity not only in my closet, but with the blog, my career and how I approach life. The world around me seems overwhelmed, disconnected and generally too overcommitted to squeeze in one more thing. I don't think it's how we're meant to live and I could use better balance there too. With that said, I'm excited to simplify, inject meaning into what I do and share my process along the way.


puffer jacket | motto | black slouchy sweater | cream sweater | oversized cardigan coat | grey sweater | dark skinnies | black leggings | black cocktail dress | boots | heels | flats

I know, I know it looks teeny tiny, but I have faith it'll be mighty! ;) I'd also like to point out that my 12 piece wardrobe does not include: workout clothes, jewelry, accessories, purses, swimsuits, pajamas or loungewear. Going forward, I think my best tactic for getting the most out of a paired down wardrobe will be relying on things like: scarves, hats, a great statement necklace, or a pop of red lipstick to switch things up! Excited to hear your thoughts!! xo