How To Build Your Own Minimalist Wardrobe

Many of you have expressed interest in starting your own minimalist wardrobe, and so, this one's for you! And if you're on the fence? I say, do it! Personal experience has taught me a beautifully curated closet will never disappoint, or leave you feeling like you need more. I also believe living with less is a wonderful exercise in contentment + helps us find peace. We've become so attached to our stuff, buying things we don't need, or using "our things" to fill a void. For me, the breaking point came earlier this fall when I realized I had two closets full of clothes (after already donating a ton) and still felt like I had nothing to wear. I knew change was imminent and I honestly haven't looked back since!

Pick the "right" number for you: I decided to pick 12 items, for now, but I intend to build my closet up to more. I'm not sure what my magic number will be. Maybe 20, or 25? Either way, it's not a numbers game or a race to the finish line. Take an afternoon, pour yourself a glass of wine or two, and pair down your closet to your most favourite things "like if the house was on fire" favourites, pack away the rest (by season) and try your streamlined wardrobe for a few weeks, a month, or more. You'll surprise yourself and learn so much about your personal style.

What works best: A smaller wardrobe works best if it's made up of basic and neutral pieces that all work together. I always joke... if I had to stumble in the dark and get dressed? My outfit would still work! Minimal thought, but awesome result!

What's included: Outerwear, tops, bottoms, dresses and shoes!

What's not included: Workout clothes, jewelry, accessories, purses, swimsuits, pajamas or loungewear.

Learn to shop your closet: This one is by far my favourite, I love shopping my closet, and I leave feeling satisfied every-time. Your favourite cocktail dress can be paired with a black motto jacket & edgy booties, or add a cashmere pullover + top knot. Skies the limit here friends, because when you have a closet full of gorgeous basics, which fit like a glove, shopping your closet becomes even more satisfying than hitting the stores. I promise!

Keep a wish-list: As I get dressed in my day-to-day, I take note of what's missing from my closet... for spring I already know I'd love to add leather leggings, a cashmere coat and nude patent pumps. I find this to be a very organic way of building onto basics I already love and adding with intention + vision!


Ready to dive in, but still have a few questions? No problem! Leave your question in the comments below and I'll be sure to answer! xo