Capsule Wardrobe - Outfit 3

When you can only muster 3 hours of sleep (yikes!) leggings and a comfy pair of flats is the only way to go. Am I right? Tell me friends, do you have a comfy uniform?! For me, having "that outfit" when I'm feeling tired, or off my game, is crucial! Without it, I tend to feel cranky and basically want to burn my closet. Haha, I know, so dramatic! ;)

Also, if you're thinking, hey V, I don't recognize that striped top from your 12 piece wardrobe?! Well, you're right! I chose not to include my workout clothes, or loungewear (aka home grubs) in the final number. So, I still have a few things on hand... like my runners, joggers and basic t-shirts which I wear on the weekend, or when I'm kicking it with Martin & our pooch! xo

OUTFIT DETAILS: MottoBlack Slouchy SweaterStriped Top (great deal!), Statement NecklaceCoach BagFlats

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