Past autumn favourites

Today, I'm borrowing a little inspiration from my dear friend Tieka, of Selective Potential and sharing my past autumn favourites. Oh man, I dug deep, and went all the way back through my Girl & Closet archives. Ah!! I honestly have so much love for that blog, plus thoughts, a story for another time perhaps! But in the meantime, hey fall, I'm comin' for ya!! Yup you heard me... bring on the pumpkin picking, hay rides, crunching leaves, bonfires, evening walks, plaid, cozy cardigans, autumn hued dresses, apple cider and a ton of fun adventures!! What's got you most excited, guys?!

(Cozy Sweaters | Quiet Nights) 

(Classic Tones)

personal style blog 507.jpg

Trains & Stripes | Late Fall Evenings

(Cozy Cable Knits | Mixed Patterns)

(Mint & Shades Of Grey | Evening Sun)

Hope you enjoyed looking back, friends!! Plus, are brimming with outfit ideas of your own. Happy (almost) autumn!

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