Autumnal florals

Oh my word, leave it to me, to write a lovely post and then accidentally delete it a few hours later. Blast! How's everyone's week been? Are you guys enjoying the cooling temps?! Ah, we sure are! I love when the weather turns... tights are still optional, cozy cardigans are invading my closet and we're spending most nights on our deck + sipping hot drinks with friends. Pretty much the best!!

Also, this dress from eShatki -- absolutely darling right?! If you aren't familiar with their online shop all of their pieces are custom tailored to your exact measurements, plus you have the option to specify your preferred sleeve and dress length. I absolutely love the dress I chose, the material hangs perfectly, plus it has pockets & sleeves... a sure fire way to my fashion loving heart! ♥ I'm already excited to wear this beauty again, but choose a fur collared coat and a pair of vintage inspired metallic heels

So, let's also take a moment and address all the outfit posts on here lately! Have ya noticed there's been an extra dose of them? Oh blogging you're a funny beast. A few years ago, after I closed the door on my personal style blog... I surely thought that was it, never again, you know!  If I'm to look back... (in the early days) I think blogging got the best of me! I didn't have great life balance, struggled to find my groove and admittedly was terribly perfectionistic. But lately there's been a turn, I feel at ease, happily living in the moment and it's making me fall extra hard for "personal style blogging" again! No complaints, it's a great place to be and I'm excited to nurture that!

Cardigan, Old Navy (so cozy + on sale) | Dress, c/o eShatki (similar) | Tote, Banana Republic | Heels, Aldo Shoes (similar)