The leaves were red

Oh hey October! Is it just me, or was that kind of sudden? Oh my! We're definitely making our way through our autumn list though - so that's lovely! We visited our fave historic town, a pumpkin patch and carved pumpkins earlier this week. So much fun! On a separate note, I'm often asked how I manage to shoot outfit photos in rainy conditions?! Since these were photographed on a hella rainy day... I thought I'd take a moment and walk you through our process!

The reality is, if you're a blogger on the west coast, you definitely need a "rainy day" plan! Martin & I have been lucky to find a few covered locations close to our home, so while it's raining, we're happily covered & tucked under a building overhang! We also bump my cameras exposure by a full stop, and use Lightroom for additional brightening! Are you familiar with it? I absolutely love Lightroom because it doesn't compromise the original quality of your photos! One day, I'd love to hunker down and write a step-by-step "how to" outfit photography guide! I can't believe we've been doing it for almost 4 years. Crazy, crazy!!

As for my dress? Well, you just can't go wrong with a lace shift! Am I right?! It's such a great basic and can be worn a million ways. The last time Martin & I went out for eats... I wore it with my mustard cardy, dark blue jeggings, minnetonkas and a floppy hat. It was cute, cute! And... can I get an amen?! Are you all loving fall fashion as much as I am?!! If I could, I think I'd be on here posting everyday!


Jacket, Forever 21 (similar) | Dress, H&M (similar) | Leggings, Jacob (similar) | Boots, Aldo Shoes (similar)

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