365 Day Outfit Challenge, Look 2

Okay, busted, it might be more like a 300 day challenge, since I don't technically get dressed everyday. But the heart of documenting my everyday looks is there and I'm really excited to keep hammering away at it. Also, hope you guys don't hate me for shooting a quick look in our parkade and not pulling out the "big guns" camera, but right now, low commitment is where my life is at. In a way, it's been a fun lesson of sorts and I'm reminded of the early blogging days... when it felt spontaneous & fun, gals were casually snapping their outfits, and we weren't worried about monetization or presenting our most perfect lives. The reality is, running a high caliber blog is a lot of work, and I'm learning we don't all have to aspire to that. It's ok to make it casual & fun!

PS - I just posted my latest photo session on my photography blog and couldn't be more thrilled with it! Be sure to take a peek + if you're a local gal?! I'd love to work with you... I still have two spots left in March! xo