365 Day Outfit Challenge, Look 4

Happy Saturday, friends! Apologies for the disappearing act, but the past 8 days have been kicking my butt, if you've ever wondered what fun & exciting things I'm up to when the blog goes quiet?! Truth is? Not much! It usually means I'm in the midst of an unfortunate health flare up and I'm horribly fatigued and immobilized for days. Another reason, why it's been nice to redefine my blog and pursue it less as a "full-time" job. So this weekend, I'm taking it super easy, eating lots of simple & nourishing foods, going for walks with my pooch and probably sneaking in a nap or two! What's been going on with you?! xo


Madewell Cardigan (similar)
Madewell Camisole (similar)
Dark Indigo Skinny Jeans
Banana Republic Tote Bag
Zara Flats (similar)

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