365 Outfit Challenge, Look 7

Oh hey, as promised, I've taken my photos outside once again! I'll be the first to admit blogging is so much easier this time of year, the temps are milder and the days are getting longer & longer! I feel like I'm always sooo done with blogging during the winter, then spring hits, and I'm a brand new gal! Other than that, life is trucking along... I'm still getting over a stomach bug and laying low. But this weekend, I hope to get out (rain or shine) and tackle my to-do list: pick up fresh flowers, veggies, hit up our local coffee shop and go thrifting. You know, the important stuff. What's on your list?! xo


Banana Republic Cardigan
Zara Dress (similar)
Gap Belt (similar)
Banana Republic Tote Bag
Zara Flats (similar)

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