how to stay motivated when working from home

Hey friends! Today, I’m chatting on how to stay motivated when working from home, plus teaming up with CaseApp to share my latest obsession… my custom MacBook skin. So gorgeous, right?! I love that it sets my computer apart from the rest and creates such a fun statement for client meetings + makes my laptop way more insta worthy! The skins are easy to remove and won’t leave a sticky residue, which is great, because swapping them out and getting a new look has never been easier. You can either choose a custom MacBook skin like I did, or upload photos to design your own. Ready to give your laptop or phone a fresh new look? Now’s the time to jump! CaseApp is offering all G&C readers 20% off when you use code: GIRLANDCLOSET20 at checkout!

As for staying motivated when working from home? Well, aside from pretty accessories, I’ve always considered myself to be a highly motivated individual, but that doesn’t mean I don’t fall prey to bad habits & push my work needs aside once in awhile. So on that note, I’m sharing a few of my favourite tips which help keep me feeling motivated, happy, and most importantly, accountable!

1. Fuel Up: For me, a great day starts with a great breakfast! I’ll either make a kale & egg scramble, or have toast with nut butter & hemp hearts. I also start my day with a pro-biotic, digestive enzymes, vitamins and alternate fish/primrose oil.

2. Sweat It Out: Most mornings you’ll find me at the gym (we have an amazing one across from us) or I’ll break a sweat at home on my yoga mat. After each workout, I also drink my Greens+ smoothie and like to add soy milk, 1 banana and 1/2 cup blueberries. The 30 grams of protein and nutrient rich greens help keep me energized and very productive!

3. The Magic To-Do List: I can’t work without one. My secret? Breaking things down into categories: must do today, must do this week, and must do this month. I always start with my daily must do’s, but if I have extra time left, which I usually do, I’ll work my way down the list and check off a few from my weekly/monthly to-do category as well.

4. Start With The Hard Stuff First: My day always feels lighter and I feel more productive when I tackle the dreaded stuff first. Procrastination? Definitely leads to more procrastination! So I make every effort to avoid that negative loop. This tip works like a charm though, and the rest of my day feels like a breeze!

5. Treat Yourself: Whenever I finish a big blog or client project… I treat myself! It could be something simple like going for a pedi, or if I’ve invoiced a larger amount, I’ll treat myself to a designer handbag, weekend getaway or take my love & I for a fancy dinner at our fave restaurant. Appreciating and acknowledging what you do is such an important step when you work from home/for yourself. On that note, go get em’ lady! Whatever your goals, you got this!

DISCLOSURE: Thank you to CaseApp for partnering with me on this post. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own. Thanks so much for supporting the brands that support this blog!

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