nailpolish winter colours

Not sure when I became such a nail polish hoarder, but it’s a rare day when I leave the house without a fresh mani! So today, I’m rounding up my favourite colours and brands to hopefully lend inspiration to your own nail care routine. Also, who else swears by Sally Hansen Gel nail polish?! It’s so good and seriously lasts! If you haven’t tried it… you can expect about 8-10 days wear (though I’m not too rough on my hands) and the metallic colours seem to hold the longest. Plus I prefer removing my gels at home rather than going to the salon, because when it comes to professional gel mani’s, I’m the worst and rarely seem to have time. So this is perfect!


Sally Hansen Miracle Gel In Game Of Chromes – I just bought this nail colour a few weeks ago and it’s quickly become my new favourite (psst, they have a silver version too). The pigment is incredibly rich and my nails look similar to a foil mani + the colour sparkles in the sun like no other! If you’re looking for a gorgeous holiday colour, this is definitely it and it lasts beautifully!

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel In Red Eye – Truth be told, this red is with me all year long! It’s the prettiest shade of candy apple red and it’s my most complimented colour… especially when peeking out from shoes like these!!

CND Vinylux In Oxblood – When I’m looking to add a little drama to my cocktail dress, or sleek leather leggings, this is my colour of choice. The hue is rich, applies easily, and bordeaux pairs so well with statement jewellery, especially cocktail rings, which I love this time of year!

Essie In Licorice – I’m obsessed with Essie’s nail polish in Licorice. My only tip? Be sure to keep a steady hand and clean any smudges. I use Q-tips and a bit of nail polish remover because there’s nothing worse than a messy manicure when you’re applying a darker colour.

Gel Top Coat – And for the final step? You’ll need a gel top coat! Essie, CND and Sally Hansen all have their own, and I never skip this important step. I typically paint my nails after dinner, then apply my gel top coat and do a second coat in the morning. This gives my nails that extra shine and they last much longer. Win, win!

PS – If you’re interested in trying the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line, you can buy twin packs at Ulta which includes both the polish & top coat, and they carry Essie and CND Vinylux as well.