setting personal goals for 2017

There’s nothing I love more than a new year and the promise of a fresh start. This year, especially, I’m busting at the seams for exactly that and can’t wait to dive into my goals. Taking time off during Christmas was exactly what I needed to get space from blogging, social media and realize what’s important, what makes me tick and ignites my passion. I need that (don’t we all!!) and this year I want to do everything I can to set myself up to succeed both personally and professionally. With that said, here’s what I’d like to focus on:

1. Health: For someone who has chronic health problems… I rarely make my health a priority. Yikes! I’ll often choose work over going to the gym, or skip a needed Doctors appointment because I have a blog project to complete. So… for 2017, I’d like to make my health my number one priority. Eat right (I was recently diagnosed anemic), commit to 30 minutes of exercise each day (even if it’s just a walk with our pooch), invest in high quality supplements, get into nature and take time to unwind & go technology free as often as I can.

2. Ease up: One of my greatest downfalls is I put way, way, too much pressure on myself. And I honestly believe it’s contributed to my health issues and creates far too much anxiety. I’ll definitely be the first to admit, blogging & social media do not help at all! I feel pressured to create perfect content, share perfect Insta moments… and I’m over it! I don’t want to be perfect guys, I’m actually quite happy being normal & ordinary, there’s way too much pressure on all of us and I’m ready to say goodbye to those unhealthy habits!

3. Have fun with blog content: I’m not sure when exactly… but blog content has started to feel like a chore in the last year. I hate that! I’ve gotten too wrapped up in readership numbers, smart SEO titles, and I’d like to re-discover why I started bloging in the first place. So this year, I’m making a commitment to get more authentic, share what’s on my heart and create quality over quantity.

4. Family planning: I’m currently working with my Doctor and hoping to get the green light on family planning. Between chronic fatigue and my auto-immune issues, it hasn’t always felt possible, but I’m hoping to hear some good news soon. If that’s not the case, Martin & I are also talking about adoption. I’m definitely excited for this next chapter and will be sure to keep you guys posted!!

5. More adventures: From day trips, to weekend getaways… I want to take time to plan and execute them. Especially once the winter months ease up and we head into spring. I love seeing new places, taking photos, exploring beaches and creating memories with the one’s I love. If you have any tips on planning getaways?! I’d love to know! So far… we have Cultus Lake, Sunshine Coast and Bowen Island in mind!

With that, happy 2017, friends! Wishing you an amazing year ahead, filled with hope, strength and love!! xo

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