5 perks of a streamlined wardrobe

Whenever my girlfriends learn of my capsule / mindful wardrobe, they're typically a little shocked, and stumped, on how I find things to wear! Plus swear they've rarely seen me in the same thing twice! High five for good remixing skills, am I right?! ;) But rest assured, having a smaller wardrobe is not insanity, in fact, it's quite the opposite. This is my third time doing a capsule, and I'm proud to say, I get a little savvier with each run +  I'm definitely feeling like a boss this time around. So today, I'm sharing my 5 perks of a streamlined wardrobe!

1. More Clarity: Yup, I used to be that girl. Two full closets and nothing to wear! How's that you ask? Well, my purchases were hasty, and as such, I had blouses without appropriate bottoms, skirts that had no suitable shoes, etc. But now, when I open my closet? I see clarity! My items all work together seamlessly, and therefore, I feel like I have an endless supply of outfits.

2. Quality Over Quantity: I've learned, when you have strategy you're far less likely to make impulse purchases, or buy filler items. My motto? Why have five crappy sweaters, when you can have one / two amazing sweaters. It's my belief, fast fashion will always have you craving more, but a quality item consistently delivers and leaves you feeling like a million bucks. Plus it carries beautifully from season to season.

3. Creativity: Curating a streamlined wardrobe gives me creative charge, joy and excitement! A black midi dress becomes new again when worn with a red lip, low chignon, and pretty vintage heels for a dinner out. Or can be edged up with a motto jacket and sleek black booties. One dress, two entirely different looks. So my jam, people, so my jam!!

4. Shopping Is A Breeze: Shopping used to feel hella stressful, a million options, and no closer to a decision. Raise your hand, am I right?! But now, I have such a clear vision of what my closet needs / is missing, that instead of feeling stressed, I now find shopping relaxing, lovely and precise. My type A personality is loving that! ;) 

5. Confidence: Feeling great in my clothes, equals feeling great in my skin. I know what I want, I know what I like, and that feels pretty darn great. Plus, I feel like my aesthetic is a little more paired down with this capsule, and ultimately, that gives my personality more room to shine!

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