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Three outfit posts in less than a week and a half. Who am I?! Haha, ok, silliness aside... I wanted to touch on a few strategic pieces I purchased for my spring capsule, yes, I'm still choosing to shop (only a little though) but more on that later! So yes, purchases, I bought: a fantastic navy wool coat, a simple black pull-over sweater and patent leather stiletto pumps. Also, if you'd like to see my entire spring capsule wardrobe?! You can do so here!

Since I'm wearing my new patent leather pumps... I thought I'd take a moment and chat on how to choose the perfect pair. This is my first time purchasing a six inch heel. I absolutely love the look, and clearly, I'm willing to suffer for fashion, well, a little! ;) Ok, tips! Firstly, when I plan on going out, I always, always, wear a pair of flats until I arrive at my destination, and I save my six inch heels for an occasion where I'm only out for a few hours. I'd also recommend choosing heels that don't crunch your toes! While it's tempting to grin and bare it, no girl wants hammer toe, bunions and arthritis, all of which can happen if your toes are cramped. Yikes!

I'd also recommend shopping at the end of the day for your heels, because that's when your feet tend to be a little more swollen and you'll get the best fit. I also prefer to choose genuine leather whenever I can as it tends to form to my foot, and ultimately, creates a more custom fit. And if you're still feeling too intimidated to walk in a pump, or stilleto? An easier / more comfortable option would be a fantastic block heel, still super sexy & currently very chic! xo

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