Saje Wellness Drops


Today I'm teaming up with one of my favourite Canadian brands, Saje Natural Wellness, and excited to be sharing their wellness drops with you. Over the past year... I've admittedly become dis-enchanted with conventional breath mints, as they're typically loaded with sugar, chemicals and tend to upset my already sensitive stomach. So, of course, I was more than delighted to try an organic and gluten free alternative, and now, Martin & I are hooked!

The natural wellness drops are available in two varieties: Ginger Aide Soothing Lemon Drops and Foodie Comforting Licorice Peppermint Drops. Both are incredibly delicious, and when I say delicious?! I mean make your mouth water delicious. Seriously! I now crave one after meals, but no harm done, because they're actually good for you and loaded with wonderfully healing ingredients. The Ginger-Aide Drops contain wellness-supporting botanicals, including lemon, echinacea and spicy ginger. While the Foodie Drops include palette cleansers, such as licorice, ginger, anise fennel and peppermint.

If you aren't already familiar with Saje products? I highly recommend visiting one of their stores, or viewing their extensive wellness collection online. I've been using their products for years & years, and have always been impressed with both the quality and healing benefits. And if you're already a Saje convert? Be sure to share your "must have" product with me! xo

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