All The White

Bring on all the white! Guys, I'm seriously obsessed! In fact, earlier this week when I transitioned my wardrobe into spring / summer... I noticed zero colour. Uh-oh! ;) My closet is currently comprised of all white, black, denim and whiskey hued leather accessories. Is that bad? Are you going to disown me if I abandon colour?! Haha, but not to worry, all is not lost! I have this navy & olive piped top on my wish list + these pink block heels!

And when it comes to styling summer dresses?! My preference is to keep it simple! If I were to add anything... I'd choose skinny layered bangles, a denim vest, or maybe a super sheer midi-length cardigan. Sometimes, it's tempting to want to add all the things, but as in life, choosing simplicity will never lead you astray!

Well, fashion rambles aside... I hope you've all had a great week! I'm thrilled it's Thursday because it means we're that much closer to day-trips, adventures and outfit photos. My favourite thing in all the world!! And silly me, I'm already getting anxious for the cold and winter, because let's face it, blogging during the freezing months is kind of the worst! Luckily we're still a ways away though and hopefully this year I'll plan out my blog content a bit better. In the meantime, I'll be sitting under a tree, in a pretty dress, until winter! xo

Forever 21 Hat (current fave), Forever 21 Dress (similar), Jeffrey Campbell Wedge Sandals (similar)

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