It's Been Awhile

Oh hey friends! It's been awhile, huh?! But in all truth, laying low and taking a pause has been absolutely splendid. As much as I love taking time to create content... I'm also learning I'm happiest when I'm not documenting it all. Blogging & sharing has been a way of life for the past 7 years, yikes, where has the time gone?!! And I feel like slowly, but surely, my blogging life might be coming to a end. However, only time will tell! 

And since I'm getting candid, one huge area of struggle lately has been my health. My auto-immune symptoms have been raging & running wild, and most days I've been too sick and exhausted to get out of bed. Argh, so discouraging! So, as much I'd love to post multiple times a week, attend all the PR events, and continue growing my income stream from G&C... this just isn't the season! And for the first time, I'm ready to let go, find peace, and put my health first!

So with that said, my fashion choices have been simple, simple! My current summer wardrobe consists of: a black maxi & midi dress, a jumper, my white blouse and mom jeans. I've also started wearing my hair straight (these pictures were taken prior) because it's fast and simple, and I'm spending my time learning about wholesome / organic food and how to heal my body! Priorities! As always, thanks for reading, and, what's new with you?!!! xo

Forever 21 Hat (similar), Zara Blouse (similar), American Eagle Jeans (similar), Rebecca Minkoff Bag, Zara Flats (similar)

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