Fall In Love

This is the time of year, I completely, and utterly, fall in love with blogging! The days are long and warm, most evenings are spent going on scenic drives, relaxing by the ocean and building bonfires with friends. Basically, life feels like bliss, and I'm holding onto every second! I'm ready for a summer of adventure, carefree days, creative pursuits and a TON of photo shoots. On that note, you've been warned, haha, but I honestly can't wait! ;)

I also delved into Elizabeth's blog e-course this week, Refresh! Unfortunately, it's no longer available, but I'm absolutely loving it and LOVE Liz's encouraging tone! One area that really stuck out to me... was to not let your blog keep you from personal growth, or ultimately stifle your growth. The key is to let it grow and shift with you and make it work for you, not the other way around! Slowly and in subtle ways, I've been doing just that, and it feels fab! 

Lastly, whoah, thank you for all your sweet insta / blog comments on my last post Early Summer, it received a crazy amount of page views and I was genuinely blown away. Martin & I have been working hard to create fresh content for Girl & Closet (can't wait to share what we have in store) and it feels so rewarding when it's enjoyed by so many! OK, enough of my rambles, I'm off to tackle my to-do list. Have the best week, everyone! xo

Forever 21 Hat (similar), Zara Jumpsuit (similar), Aldo Sandals (similar)

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