Summer Closet Updates

Good morning friends and HAPPY WEDNESDAY! Today's one of those days where I woke up in the best mood, ready to jump into my day and feeling so much gratitude. I guess I don't talk about it much, because I hate to boast, but there's value in stepping back and appreciating our accomplishments. There's no doubt the last two years have been good to Martin & I (not perfect by any means), but good, and today my heart is feeling extra full. Having said that... I think no matter where we are in our lives it's important to practice thankfulness and find abundance. Without it, it's too easy to feel like our glass is perpetually half empty! Especially in our crazy world of social media, oh man, some days I cringe, but we'll save that topic for another day! Anyways, I digress, today I wanted to hop on and share what I'm buying and dreaming about for my summer wardrobe. And be sure to let me know what's on your list too!



I just bought this gorgeous BR pouch over the weekend and I can't wait to pair it with my fave white summer dress for an evening out, or coffee date. I've been eying it for a while, but knew the timing was right when it went on major sale. Best feeling! I'm also loving this large pineapple zip pouch too. So fun & perfect for patio weather / any warm weather festivity.



I originally fell in love with the Madewell lace up sandals, but they ran out of my size. Blast! So I was thrilled to find comparable ones at Old Navy for a steal of a deal + they're going to look so good with all my planned summer outfits! I absolutely love wearing black with whiskey leather accessories, it's so pretty & laid back, and my go-to in the summer! 


If you follow me on Insta you might have noticed this blouse pop up several times. I also wore it on the blog, here, and I honestly can't stop! For summer, I'm dreaming of wearing it with denim cut offs and my whiskey lace up sandals, or white jeans and said sandals. So cute, right?! I'm totally turning into an "all white" clothes hoarder, haha, but hey, when you know what you love?! You go with it! 


Told ya, I'm into white! And I love, love this dress + can't imagine anything more perfect for summer! The price point is fab, it's from Zara, and it'll work so well for early fall too. I can't wait to re-work it with a slouchy midi cardigan & edgy booties. Fall perfection, right?! As much as I adore summer... I always get excited for early fall and all the light layers. Such a great time of year for fashion!! 


Another fave colour of mine for this time of year is blue, plus bonus points for stripes, always! I'm especially excited to pair this top with my BR gingham pouch, white jeans and a pair of wedge sandals. On that note, hope you enjoyed a peek at all my summer purchases and I'm especially excited to style & wear them on the blog too. Well, until the next installment... wishing you the best day and can't wait to hear what you're coveting for your summer closet!! xo

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