Past Summer Outfits

Happy first day of summer, everyone!! But also, can you believe it?! I know I always say this, but holy heck, time is really zooming by. I'm super excited for summer though, Martin & I are taking two months off and we're eagerly counting down. I can't wait to take all the day trips, explore my fave historic towns, relax by the ocean with friends and create a million wonderful memories!! I'm also excited to see how my style will continue to evolve this summer. There's definitely a few new things I'd like to try... like a cute bandana, a boater hat, mom jeans and more messy up-do's! On that note, let's look back at some of my past summer favourite outfits + who remembers my dark hair and bangs?!

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PPS - I'll see you back here on Thursday with an outfit post! It's been awhile. Right?! But honeslty, you haven't missed much. Haha!

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