My 10 Minute Make-up Routine


When it comes to summer make-up? I LOVE a quick and easy routine + one that keeps me looking fresh and glowy as opposed to overly made up. So with that said, I'm sharing my 10 minute make up routine today. And on a slightly different note... I can't wait to start sharing more beauty, home and wellness over the coming months on G&C. Yay! It's been a big goal of mine and I'm excited to slowly see it come together. But for now, let's jump in and I'll walk you guys through a step-by-step of my daily make-up routine.


1) Start with clean skin: For me that means a face that's been freshly cleansed and moisturized. And when it comes to coverage? I tend to use very little and prefer to mix my Aveeno Clear Complexion BB Cream with a few drops of my all time fave moisturizer, Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I've been using it for years and my skin absolutely loves it!


2) Apply concealer to your key areas: I love and use Maybelline's Fit Me Concealer (it's honestly just as good as NARS) and I apply it to my eye ducts, under eye, around the nose and the odd blemish or two. Then I blend using my finger and finish off with Cover Girl Tru Blend powder, which I'm really enjoying by the way, it's light and perfect for sensitive skin.


3) Highlighter/bronzer: The Too Faced Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer is a tried & true fave because it's the perfect highlighter and bronzer in one. I apply it to the apples of my cheeks, eyelids, then a quick swab on my forehead, nose and chin to give me that summertime sun-kissed look. 


4) Mascara: While I swore by Maybelline Falsies Mascara for years, the last batch ended up burning my eyes and leading to severe eye irritation. So I just switched to Marcelle Ultimate Fringe Effect and it's fab! The volume is great, it doesn't clump, and best of all, it's 100% hypoallergenic, Ophthalmologist tested and approved by the Canadian Dermatology Association.


5) Lip gloss: A quick swab of my Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss + a dab of highlighting powder in the centre of my lips does the trick and gives me the perfect pout! And if you're wondering why I dab powder in the centre?! It's a trick I learned to create a fuller lip and I love it!


Voila, all done! And if you have any beauty blog post requests?! Absolutely send them my way! Plus did ya hear?! My first G&C newsletter went out this Monday. Yay, finally! If you haven't subscribed yet? You can do so here! And I'll see you on Thursday with an outfit post! xo


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