Weekend Reads


So excited to be back with a "weekend reads" post on this fine Friday, and getting back into the swing of blogging, slowly, but surely! After last month's post, I really wasn't sure if I'd ever come back. But, that's the magic of rest, we re-charge, re-focus and remind ourselves of what truly matters. So, I'm back and hopefully better than ever!! While away, I learned and realized, a lot, mainly I've come to understand that I'll always love to work hard, but I need to learn to rest with equal vigour and determination. Otherwise, yes, I will burn out! Simple and obvious, I know, but sometimes our patterns are so ingrained, we barely see them ourselves!

Also, if the site is looking different?! You guys, I couldn't resist a switch up to make my return a little more exciting and inspiring for myself. Plus, you MUST check out the homepage!!

Amazing right? It's exactly what I've wanted since I can remember! Now my all my blog content is so much more evergreen and totally front and center. On the top bar you'll find my most recent posts, then it breaks down into categories, most popular, and editor's favourites (that's me)! On that note, I'll also be varying the content a little more on G&C and featuring: outfits, beauty, wellness and home. Yay! But most importantly, I'll be pacing myself, so I don't fall flat on my face again!! xo

- Just nabbed this floral jumpsuit from Nordstroms and I'm obsessed!

- I need to make Frose before summer's over and this recipe from Grace of The Stripe looks so good!

- My blogging bestie Lyndi of Style Calling just featured her picks for self tanners and I can't wait to try Charlotte Tilbury's Overnight Bronze and Glow Mask.

- J.Crew & I are having a moment. I ordered this eyelet top, this faux-leather pleated midi which is going to look great with booties for fall + these flats!

- My wedding anniversary is coming up and I've been dropping hints. This diamond and sapphire band is so pretty!

- Did someone say grilled watermelon with smoked salt and jalapeno rings. Yum! Hook me up!!

- Love this Alexander Wang Suede Hobo + considering it's a designer bag, the price isn't too steep. Or have I just lost it?! ;)

- This article was written for me I Love the Freelance Life, But It’s Taking a Toll on My Mental Health!

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