Annual Pumpkin Carving + DIY


It's been too long since we've taken time to carve our annual pumpkin... but this year we planned ahead and made it happen. Yay, victory! We can't wait to make it a yearly tradition around here + I love the idea of going back and seeing our special fall-themed moments. For me, traditions are such a fun & important part of marriage. Plus, Martin did such a great job with our pumpkin!!

You'll need: pumpkin, spoon, knife, drill, tea light (electric) and one handsome helper! ;)

1) Using your knife, cut a hole that's big enough to scoop out all your seeds and pulp, then smooth down the walls of your pumpkin. Also, quick tip... if you're looking to preserve your pumpkin and prevent it from going mouldy?! I'd suggest doing a bleach bath!

2) You can either mark your pattern out with a pen, or improvise, as we did!

3) Drill your holes! For this part, we used two different sized drill bits, a large one for the centre of our pattern and a smaller one for the outer part!

4) Place a tea-light inside your pumpkin. If you're using a real one? You'll want to cut a venting hole in the back. However, we opted to use an electric tea light instead, sooo much safer when you have two mischievous furs running around! ;)

Love our little pumpkin so much! It turned out great + it's brightened up our home and nights! What about you? Are you planning on carving a pumpkin this year?! If so... let me know, I'd love to take a peek via your blog or insta! Happy hump day, ya'll! xo