Look Book: Evening Sun

Is there anything more delicious than late evening sun?! Sigh, I've been loving it! So with the new season officially here (I can hardly believe it!), I've been spending time re-organizing my closet: pulling out sweaters, organizing my tights, belts, hats and packing away all my summer dresses. Also, I went a little crazy this year and bought a brand new "basics" wardrobe - it feels beyond great... I'll be sure to share a little bit more about that later this week.

And speaking of closets?! I'm really hoping to buy less this season (hold me to it guys) and spend a little more time getting creative with what I own. Prepare yourselves for a lot more re-mixes. I have to admit, sometimes I feel a little guilty wearing the same piece on the blog, but then I think... hey, that's life, and so much more realistic. Am I right?! I'm also hoping to start purchasing more high quality pieces and less disposable fashion. I'm excited for that!

I swear taking photos during golden hour has got to be my new favourite. We're hoping to head out later this week to an abandoned heritage area/field and take more outfit photos. I can't wait. I just might have to pull out my favourite fall tights for that, and fingers crossed, we stop off for some ice-cream too - summer may be over but my longing for ice-cream is safely intact! ;)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Blouse - Banana Republic, Belt - Old Navy, Skirt - Forever 21, Shoes - Aldo (similar