Look Book: Classic Tones

The past few days have been blissfully quiet. Just the way I like it! Mornings have been spent going for fall walks with Scout (our pooch) and marveling at all the leaves. Our neighbourhood is just so pretty this time of year... we’re surrounded by mountains, ocean, and so many gorgeous trees. I love seeing them turn rich hues. It’s so inspiring + it immediately lifts my mood. There’s nothing better than walking around in a cozy sweater, a hot beverage, and taking the time to witness those special life moments. I adore it!

So just the other evening, Martin & I enjoyed the cutest date. I took a few photos and I’ll be sure to share them with you guys. We decided on a date night in and baked cookies together. So fun! Neither one of us has baked before and we’re trying to learn. We made gluten free, vegan + chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm, they were incredibly tasty! Any other vegans or non-wheat eaters out there?!

As for the outfit, it’s safe to say this is my new favourite. There’s something so perfectly classic about dressing in tones of cream, black & brown. And in order to give the outfit some pop, I went with a red lip. Loved how it all came together. Also, I just finished planning out the rest of my fall outfits today, and now I’m getting so excited to share them with you. Yay! I love being organized!

OUTFIT DETAILS: Knit Hat - H&M, Sweater - Club Monaco, Skirt - c/o Barefoot VintageTights for Every Occasion, Black - ModCloth, Boots - c/o Wanted Shoes