Happy Friday, guys! Just popping in to share a few photos from our iphone. Lately, we've been trying to get off our butts and consciously plan out our evenings. We've noticed that no plans equals us having dinner at home and then zoning out in front of the TV. Terrible, I know. So instead, I've started planning fun things for us to do after work. Nothing too fancy, but still, it makes a world of difference. We've been taking our dinner to go and heading down to the beach, going for walks, going to our local coffee shop for dessert + hot chocolate, and my personal fave, sharing a glass of wine on our patio. I think it's officially time to ban ourselves from TV watching and get out and live a little. Am I right?... 

Other than that, May's been a fantastic month. Warm, sunny and just beautiful. I've spent most of it working on my Etsy shop... writing my business plan, shop policies, and I've taken a few jewelry classes to improve & hone my skills. I'm hoping to start selling my pieces to a few local boutiques and I'd love to sell at a craft fair this summer/fall too. It seems like it would be loads of fun. Speaking of jewelry, thanks so much for your lovely words & compliments yesterday - so nice to hear. What's your May been looking like?!

xo veronika