martin's birthday in iphone photos

I love celebrating birthdays and this past week/weekend was so much fun. Earlier in the week, we did Thai food with Martin's parents (a yearly tradition) and then bowling + a city dinner with our pals over the weekend. We were pretty darn excited to go to Commodore Bowling & Billiards in the city; it's definitely a beloved spot and one that has seen us celebrate many birthdays. Love that place! It's hard to believe it's been there since its original opening in 1930, plus I love that it's filled with nostalgia. Good times. My favourite part of the festivities? Haha, Thai leftovers for daaaays!

xo veronika

PS Guys, thank you so much for your awesome & sweet words on my new etsy shop. I was so encouraged by all your amazing support. Truly, means so much!