deep cove

Just this past weekend, Martin & I were craving some R&R, so we decided to head to Deep Cove in North Vancouver. Fun fact: I grew up in North Van. Anyone else?! It was a great little day and we couldn't have picked a better spot for unwinding. I was so happy to be snapping photos, chomping on sushi, watching Scout explore the area, and just loving life. I honestly believe that when we go through our greatest hardships, we appreciate the good in our lives that much more. In spite of everything, I feel blessed!

When we got home, I decided to look up the history of Deep Cove. I've been there a million times yet I don't know that much about it. I was intrigued to learn that the first permanent residents were John and Rhoda Moore in 1919 and they opened the first store in the area in 1927. In 1940, poet and novelist Malcolm Lowry and his wife Margerie lived on and off in a squatters shack over the span of 14 years. Apparently, squatter shacks lined the beaches of Roche Point and housed the Dollar Mill workers but people left because of The Great Depression. I was excited to find this neat little photo of the area from the Deep Cove Heritage Society. Hopefully, Martin & I can pop in there the next time we are in the area and I can find out a bit more.

xo veronika