diy polka dot manicure

1) You'll need a base coat, top coat (for the polka dots) and a pencil. I also like to have Q-tips & polish remover handy... perfect for quick touch ups.
2) Apply your base coat.
 3) Now dab your pencil in the polish and use a gentle hand to apply your polka dots.
4) And voila, all done! 

Well, I guess my polka dots aren't exactly perfect, but still, I was excited to give this fun polka dot manicure a try. I found it via Pinterest and the original content is from Syl and Sam. Next time, I'd love to do a mint + white or use a grey base coat and add neon yellow polka dots. Sky's the limit, really. If you guys try this, be sure to let me know... I'd love to see your results!

xo veronika