finding a bit of solitude

A few photos from our beach walk... I took these with my iphone and then edited them with Rad Lab - love how they turned out. This week has been much calmer, thank goodness. Last week was incredibly tough as Martin & I spent much of it feeling crazy stressed and frazzled. My mom has since stabilized (what a relief) but she's still in the hospital. At this point, there are quiet a few issues with her heart, and she's unable to fully stand or walk on her own without her heart going completely crazy. So the doctors are working to get that under control. 

In the midst of all this, Martin & I are trying to resume as much of our normal schedule as possible + we're trying to take care of ourselves as best as we can. Food and sleep have been non-existent at times and we both look beyond tired. However, I'm hoping to take a few days off this week: clean the condo, pay our bills, get to the hair salon and hopefully organize a few posts for the blog. Normal, is sounding so good & therapeutic right about now.

And lastly, thank you! For your prayers, tweets and emails. We're thrilled to know that so many of you are holding my mom in your thoughts & prayers and wishing her a speedy recovery! It's lightened our hearts, and put a smile on my face. We miss her terribly. Thank you for the love & support, everyone! 

xo veronika