over the weekend

1. Patio time with my blogging bestie - Lynn of Hearted Girl
2. Photographing new items for my Etsy shop and watching this guy snooze
3. A date with my handsome one
4. Enjoying a dairy & sugar free chocolate ice-cream. Um, total heaven!
5. Spending an afternoon puttering around our village and wearing my summer uniform
6. Savouring a couple of hours at our favourite & newly discovered ocean-side park

I so needed this past weekend. It was quiet, unencumbered and life felt blissfully simple. We spent the weekend close to home and did a few fun things here & there. On Saturday, we watched our local parade - it was happening a few steps from our house, so how could we resist? My personal favourite was the teddy bear float. Yup, totally awesome... I felt like a happy, grinning kid. Haha, just thinking about it puts a smile on my face.

There was lots of fabulous food this weekend too. I've been continuing on with my 21 day sugar-free cleanse. Honestly, it's getting easier and easier. Thank heavens! I'm also hoping to experiment with a few sugar-free desserts this week. Although, last night I sliced up some banana with raw almond butter, and that did the trick. Tonight, I'll be experimenting with a sugar & dairy free chocolate chia seed pudding. I'll be sure to share the recipe on the blog this week or the next.

Well... other than that, it's business as usual. Today, I'm hoping to spend a bit of time writing out goals for my Etsy shop as well as plan out which craft fairs I'll be attending in the fall. I'm also filling my calender with Stella & Dot parties for the month of July... and last but not least, planning out content + a few day trips for the blog. Nothing like a great weekend to help recharge for a productive week ahead, right?

xo veronika