canada day long weekend (part one)

We enjoyed such a wonderful Canada Day long weekend. My mom was finally discharged from the hospital and she came to stay with us. We did what we do best: wore sweat pants, cooked, ate yummy food, went for relaxing walks, and watched our favourite TV shows. It was pretty awesome. Scout indulged in his favourite treat of cheese & peanut butter [yup, thanks mom] and spent much of the weekend glued to her. Oh Scout. He's such a little foodie, and treats are definitley the way to his heart.
<<< Scout gazing up at my mom and working the charm. >>>
<<< Wearing a winning combination of sweats & pj's. Oh yes, I'm all about easy weekend living! >>>
On Sunday, we finally decided to get dressed and venture outside. Let me tell ya, it was hot, hot. Like melting sweaty, don't want to move kind of hot. Luckily, we found a little bit of refuge at our favourite coffee shop. Hello shaded + breezy patio. I was also pretty excited to try their new gluten-free bakery additions. I ordered a berry muffin [so delicious] and a decaf mocha. After that, we puttered around the neighbourhood, headed to the village and bought a few ingredients for lunch.
<<< My mom shared her apricot & berry scone with [as we've lovingly named him] the mooch! >>>
 <<< My mom! Isn't she the cutest? Sweetest person you'll ever meet. We're thrilled she's doing better and feel so thankful we can be here for her during this time. >>>
<<< And for the grand finale, we took Scout for a complimentary doggy brunch at the dog bakery. Spinach and egg spanakopita. Can you believe it, how cute is that? >>>

xo veronika