canada day long weekend (part two)

We might have gone a little photo crazy when my mom visited us for Canada day. We were like some kind of photography maniacs. But who can resist that beautiful summer light?! On this particular Sunday, we decided to beat the heat and head to our favourite ocean-side park for an evening walk. Mom & I tried watching a movie at our place but it was way too hot. Sitting & sweating. Not good. So out we went to enjoy that delicious ocean breeze!

We did a bit of walking (my mom still has to take it easy), met a ton of dogs, and watched Scout run and sniff every corner of that park. Funny story, Scout does this thing where he'll run up to a couple and join them for their walk. He happily putters alongside them, tail wagging... and then (my favourite part) he'll stop to admire the view with them. Haha, he's such a social guy. We just hang back and laugh. Seriously, what a character!
<<< Growing up, my mom & I used to go on the most epic walks. They’d last for hours, we’d talk about life stuff... stop at our favourite deli, grab food, and then head to the park for an impromptu picnic. Such great memories. >>>
<<< Someone's got his "ready to rumble" face on. >>>
<<< And yup... there he goes! >>>
<<< Taking a little breather. Next time, we'll definitley be coming back with blankets, snacks, and some wine. >>>
<<< We stayed until the sun set. However, walking back to the car along the dark trail was kind of scary. Well, Martin & my mom were relaxed... but nope, not me. I did a light jog back! >>>
Outfit Details:
Cardigan - Old Navy
Dress - c/o Frock Candy
Cross Body - c/o Handbag Heaven
Shoes - Old Navy

xo veronika