hey guys. sorry, i kind of disappeared on you there for a bit and took a wee blog break. it was good, and needed. i started this space just over four months ago and i honestly had no idea where i was going with it... i just knew i needed change. patient i am not. nor am i much of a planner. i basically whipped up my new blog "by the shore" over night and delved right into it. yay for enthusiasm. but then again, sometimes planning is good. which is exactly what i've been up to this past week. oh yeah, and i gave the blog a new look which i tend to do when refocusing myself. i like change. i actually used my old girl & closet template but gave it lots of new touches... i've been craving colour and something a little less minimalist. not so cold feeling, i guess. i'm hoping to add a few more fun & crafty little components but i'll need to hire someone for that. lynn, i'll be calling you later this week. ;)
so what's this fancy blogging plan, you ask? well, haha, i don't have it all figured out quite yet. i do, however, feel like i'm on the right track. i just took elsie's blog love course (from a beautiful mess). it's awesome by the way. and i feel like i walked away with so much good stuff. here are a few things that really stood out for me + i've included my answers for each...

♥ choose themes for your blog posts: my favourite things to blog about are... family photos, adventures, day-to-day life, vegetarian cooking, my etsy shop.

♥ list three things you want to blog about weekly: a fun outing, personal weekly updates (whatever is going on), what i wore.

list three ways you'd like to share your content: lists, photographs with captions, digital scrap-booking for more personal posts.

♥ choosing features that fit your blog: once you've narrowed down your three blog themes, you'll want to create sub-categories to see how viable and repeatable your topics are. basically, you want to pick something where you know you won't run out of content. i won't break down all of my features but here's an example of one of my favourite blog topics: weekly adventures. my sub-categories for that are: out with friends, at the pool, date night, my weekly artist date, cooking with my honey, giving scout a hair cut (that one might need a video, hehe), exploring our favourite pub, at the zoo... etc, you guys get the idea! ;)

another bit of great advice was to always, always blog about what you love. don't do certain posts if you hate them. i can confess to writing posts because i thought they'd be popular on pinterest and it's just not worth it. a blog should definitely be your happy place, and full of the things you love. sounds so good and fun, right?! well, that's exactly what i'll be focusing on in the months to come.